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FDA Lifts Hold on Novel CAR-T Cell Therapy for Colorectal Cancer

August 2nd 2022

The FDA will allow the study of CYAD-101, a novel CAR-T cell therapy, to continue in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer now that the eligibility criteria for the trial has been amended.

Treatment to Shrink Liver Cancer Tumors Helps Patients Become Eligible for Potentially Curative Transplant

August 1st 2022

Shrinking liver cancer tumors helps patients become eligible for transplant, thus improving their long-term outcomes, according to recent study results.

No Matter How Bad the Cancer News, Hang on Tight to Hope

August 1st 2022

After being diagnosed with cancer, hope can be a very fragile thing, but it is essential that we hold on to it.

Easy-to-Swallow Drug Being Investigated for Prostate Cancer Treatment

August 1st 2022

TAVT-45, an easy-to-swallow drug that can be suspended in water or juice, is being studied for the treatment of patients with metastatic prostate cancer.

5 Lung Cancer-Related Stories to Commemorate World Lung Cancer Day

August 1st 2022

In honor of World Lung Cancer Day, CURE® compiled the five most-read lung cancer-related news items from 2022 that patients may have missed.

Blessings on Both Sides of the Cancer Experience

July 31st 2022

I Wouldn’t Be Me Without My Oncology Nurse

July 30th 2022

I felt her authenticity and her genuine care for me. I felt safe.

Immunotherapy Duo Fails to Improve Disease-Free Survival in Patients With Kidney Cancer Following Surgery

July 29th 2022

Findings from the CheckMate-914 trial showed that Opdivo plus Yervoy did not meet the study’s main goal of disease-free survival for patients with localized renal cell carcinoma, a type of kidney cancer.

My Story of Hope After Being Diagnosed With a Cancer I’ve Never Heard Of

July 29th 2022

I don’t fit the profile of someone who gets diagnosed with mesothelioma, so my diagnosis came as a shock.

‘Leave it to Beaver’ Star Tony Dow Dies of Cancer, NFL Rookie to Miss First Season for Leukemia Treatment and More

July 29th 2022

From actors Tony Dow and David Warner dying from cancer to a cancer survivor rappelling a building in the name of awareness and fundraising, here’s what’s happening in the oncology space this week.

Educated Patient® Lung Cancer Summit Looking Ahead Panel: June 25, 2022

July 29th 2022

Watch Dr. Ravi Salgia, Dr. Erminia Massarelli, Dr. Jyoti Malhotra and Daniel Saez answer questions about advancements in lung cancer during the CURE Educated Patient Lung Cancer Summit.

Standard of Care Chemotherapy Treatment Bests Immunotherapy-Based Regimens in Advanced Liver Cancer

July 28th 2022

Treatment with Opdivo plus standard of care chemotherapy followed by maintenance Opdivo or Opdivo plus Yervoy failed to elicit survival benefits compared with standard of care chemotherapy alone in patients with previously untreated advanced biliary cancer, which is a rare form of liver cancer.

Advancements in Including Minorities in Cancer Clinical Trials Have ‘Leveled Off’ Over Past 2 Decades, Says Expert

July 28th 2022

Although some advancements to boost minority and female enrollment onto cancer clinical trials have occurred since the passing of a law 20 years ago, those improvements have begun to level off, according to an expert.

My Insights to Cancer Genetics After More Than 20 Years of Brain Tumor Survival

July 28th 2022

After being a 20-year brain tumor survivor, I met with a genetic counselor and learned that I have a MUYTH gene mutation.

‘I Like to Move It’: How Exercise Helped Me Fight Fatigue and Feel Better After Breast Cancer

July 28th 2022

I was feeling fatigued after undergoing breast cancer treatment, but once I started walking multiple times a week, I noticed that I felt much better.

Educated Patient® Lung Cancer Summit Advancements in Advanced-Stage Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Presentation: June 25, 2022

July 28th 2022

Watch Dr. Jyoti Malhotra, from City of Hope, discuss advancements in advanced-stage non-small cell lung cancer during the CURE Educated Patient Lung Cancer Summit.

Novel Drug to Be Investigated With Keytruda in Advanced Solid Cancers

July 27th 2022

A new treatment group within the PYNNACLE clinical trial is set to evaluate a novel drug plus Keytruda in patients with p53 Y220C-mutant locally advanced or metastatic solid tumors.

The Amount of Misinformation Online Can Lead to ‘Horribly Detrimental’ Results in Patients With Cancer, Says Expert

July 27th 2022

With society entrenched in an “infodemic,” it can be challenging for many patients with cancer to identify what information online is accurate. Recently, the development of a new tool may help patients decipher what news is misleading.

Drawing Was a ‘Creative Reprieve’ During My Wife’s Cancer

July 27th 2022

Drawing helped me stay grounded while my wife was going through cancer treatment.

Padcev Plus Keytruda Elicits Encouraging Results in Metastatic Bladder Cancer

July 27th 2022

More than half of patients with metastatic, cisplatin-ineligible bladder cancer saw their cancer shrink when given Padcev and Keytruda in a clinical trial.

What Is Uveal Melanoma?

July 27th 2022

Here is a breakdown of some of the important information surrounding uveal melanoma, an extremely rare form of cancer.

Educated Patient® Lung Cancer Summit Advancements in Early-Stage Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Presentation: June 25, 2022

July 27th 2022

Watch Dr. Erminia Massarelli, from City of Hope, discuss advancements in early-stage non-small cell lung cancer during the CURE Educated Patient Lung Cancer Summit.

Emotions Are High After Receiving Good Cancer-Related News

July 26th 2022

My oncology team and I decided that it was OK to decrease the frequency of cancer-related scans, leaving me both relieved and nervous.

Novel Drug-Chemotherapy Combo After Stem Cell Transplant Associated With ‘Favorable Survival Outcomes’ in Group of Rare Blood Cancers

July 26th 2022

The findings support future studies of assessing the safety and efficacy of the novel drug-chemotherapy combination as a maintenance strategy following stem cell transplantation across a range of blood cancers, according to the study authors.

Snake Oil Salesmen Prey on Cancer Survivors and Their Loved Ones

July 26th 2022

It baffles me that people take advantage of patients with cancer by peddling fake cures.

Hormone-Replacement Therapy Is Not Associated With Increased Risk for Death in Patients With Breast Cancer, New Study Results Show

July 26th 2022

Hormone-replacement therapy did not increase chances of death in patients with breast cancer, but certain patient groups may have a higher chance of recurrence from the treatment.

Educated Patient® Lung Cancer Summit Advancements in Small Cell Lung Cancer Presentation: June 25, 2022

July 26th 2022

Watch Dr. Ravi Salgia, from City of Hope, discuss advancements in small cell lung cancer during the CURE Educated Patient Lung Cancer Summit.

Study Will Investigate If Giving Chemo Before and After Surgery Can Boost Gallbladder Cancer Outcomes

July 25th 2022

An ongoing clinical trial aims to determine if pre- and post-surgical chemotherapy can improve outcomes for patients with stage 2 and 3 gallbladder cancer.

Oral Chemo-Novel Drug Combo Elicits Better Outcomes in Patients With Metastatic Breast Cancer

July 25th 2022

The use of oral paclitaxel and encequidar induced superior outcomes in a group of patients with metastatic breast cancer, compared with paclitaxel delivered intravenously.

My Race With Cancer Made Me Appreciate Every Day

July 25th 2022

Surviving cancer made me thankful for each day. After all, the human lifespan is limited.