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Molar Pregnancy Survivor Shares Her Rare Cancer Story

July 29th 2021, 12:00am


It wasn’t just a miscarriage, it was a rare type of cancer called choriocarcinoma.

Novel App Informs Patients With Cancer of Unknown Primary

July 27th 2021, 9:00pm


An online tool developed by oncologists for this rare diagnosis individualizes survival estimates, resulting in candid discussions and better decision-making.

Giving Hope: Research on Rare Head and Neck Cancer Treatment Options

July 27th 2021, 6:00pm


Study findings from China show that a new treatment option improves survival outcomes in nasopharyngeal carcinoma, but can U.S. populations expect similar results?

From Tested to Transformed

June 1st 2021, 4:00pm


A survivor of fibrosarcoma shares his journey through treatment and how he learned to build strength and confidence after the ordeal physically changed his face.

Patients with Rare Cancers Offer Others Who May Be Facing a Similar Diagnosis Advice

May 10th 2021, 6:00pm


On social media, CURE® recently asked its readers with rare cancers what advice they would offer to fellow patients with a similar diagnosis. Here’s what they shared.

No One Ever Sees a Cancer Diagnosis Coming, Especially When it Involves Their Penis

January 26th 2021, 7:00pm


A cancer survivor writes about how he, like many, was blindsided by his diagnosis and what it was like to receive treatment for a rare disease: penile cancer.

Opdivo-Yervoy Combo Effective in Some Patients with Rare Genitourinary Cancers

December 16th 2020, 2:00pm


After a median follow-up of 9.9 months, 38% of the trial participants experienced some degree of tumor shrinkage after receiving Opdivo in combination with Yervoy.

Trial Studying Penile Cancer May Offer Patients Hope

October 2nd 2020, 1:00pm


New treatments are needed for penile cancer, but it’s difficult to test drugs in clinical trials because the disease is so uncommon.

While Penile Cancer is Rare, Men Should Be Aware

September 29th 2020, 3:00pm


A woman shares her late husband’s journey with advanced penile cancer to help others receive a diagnosis early, when the disease is still highly treatable and even curable.

Pulling Back the Layers of Penile Cancer

September 17th 2020, 3:00pm


In this episode of the “CURE Talks Cancer” podcast, we spoke with an expert about some of the possible causes of penile cancer, as well as why research in the field is severely lacking and why it’s so important to inform the public about what to look for in terms of signs and symptoms of this disease.