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FDA Rejects Request to Approve Novel Drug-Chemo Combo to Treat Head and Neck Cancer

May 10th 2022

The manufacturers of the drug plan to resubmit the request for the FDA to approve the regimen sometime this summer.

Newfound Sense of Empathy Makes Cancer Survivor ‘Feel More Human’

April 8th 2022

After surviving cancer and the many bad days that come with a diagnosis, voice actor Rob Paulsen noted that he had a newfound sense of empathy that helped him out of some of his darkest days.

‘Authentically Empathic’ Late-Stage Patient Inspires Fellow Cancer Survivor

March 28th 2022

When lovers of “Pinky and the Brain,” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and other cartoons gathered in voice actor Rob Paulsen’s hospital room, he took particular notice of one exuberant woman with cancer who was extroverted and kind, despite not having long to live.

Potential FDA Cancer Drug Approvals on the Horizon This Spring

March 24th 2022

The Food and Drug Administration plans on reviewing multiple new cancer therapies this spring.

Personalized Treatment Advanced the Field and Decreased Side Effects in Head and Neck Cancer

March 24th 2022

Over the last 20 years, head and neck cancer treatment moved away from aggressive treatments for all patients to a more personalized approach — improving both outcomes and quality of life for patients with the disease.

Trial to Assess Safety and Efficacy of Novel Drug for Extremely Rare Cancer Begins Enrolling Patients

March 10th 2022

The rare cancer, known as adenoid cystic carcinoma, is diagnosed in fewer than 1,500 people in the United States each year and is often found in the salivary glands, a part of the body associated with helping a person swallow and digest food.

Decades' Worth of Reconstruction Advancements Have Transformed the Lives of Many Patients Who Underwent Debilitating Cancer Treatments

March 10th 2022

Aesthetic appearances, according to an expert at the UCSF, are often important for patients following the surgical treatment of cancer. Advancements in this space over the past 20 years have allowed many to patients to look as normal as possible.

Some Patients With Oropharynx Cancer May Be Eligible to Decrease Radiation Treatment and Curb Side Effects

February 25th 2022

The use of PET imaging midway through oropharynx treatment may help identify patients who can de-escalate their radiation without compromising tumor control.

Photoimmunotherapy Trial Begins in Certain Patients With Head and Neck, and Skin Cancer

February 22nd 2022

The goal of the phase 2 trial is to study the safety and efficacy of ASP-1929, a photoimmunotherapy with fluorescence imaging, in patients with head and neck or skin cancer.

Expert Sheds Light on Ways Patients With Cancer and Impaired Eating Function Can Approach Social Situations

February 11th 2022

A speech and swallowing specialist recommends that patients with head and neck cancer who have difficulties chewing and swallowing food eat before attending social situations to mitigate anxiety about eating around others.

Trial Underway for Novel Agent Plus Immunotherapy for HPV-Related Head and Neck Cancer

February 2nd 2022

After preliminary results showed promise for the combination, researchers are expanding their clinical trial for PDS0101 plus Keytruda in HPV-related head and neck cancer.

Reduced Radiation Dose After Surgery May Improve Survival Rates in HPV-Related Throat Cancer

January 12th 2022

A recent study demonstrated that a lower dose of radiation after surgery for HPV-related throat cancer may provide a greater benefit than a higher dose of radiation with chemotherapy.

Trial Launched to Assess Safety and Efficacy of Novel Drug in Rare Type of Head and Neck Cancer

January 10th 2022

A phase 2 trial was recently launched to examine the safety and efficacy of oral inhibitor VK-2019 in patients with advanced Epstein-Barr Virus-positive nasopharyngeal carcinoma, a rare type of head and neck cancer, and lymphoma.

Voice Actor Discusses the ‘Platinum Lining’ Behind His Throat Cancer Diagnosis

July 30th 2021

Rob Paulsen is the voice behind many beloved cartoon characters, but after receiving a cancer diagnosis, he discovered a whole new way to relate to others.

‘On the Rise:’ Immunotherapy Options for Head and Neck Cancer

June 21st 2021

On behalf of the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance, Dr. Michael Moore spoke with CURE® about emerging therapies that potentially offer exciting new options for the future.

Novel Drug-Chemo Combo Significantly Improves Survival in Rare Form of Head and Neck Cancer

June 5th 2021

The addition of a novel drug to the chemotherapies gemcitabine and cisplatin significantly improved a survival outcome in patients with a rare form of head and neck cancer, compared with chemotherapy alone.

How to Conduct Self-Exams for Head and Neck Cancer

May 12th 2021

Discussing Survivorship in Head and Neck Cancer

May 12th 2021

Emerging Treatments for Head and Neck Cancer

May 12th 2021

Addressing HPV-Related Head and Neck Cancer

May 12th 2021

Understanding the Basics of Head and Neck Cancer

May 12th 2021

Oral Sex Timing and Intensity Could Be Risk Factors of Oropharyngeal Cancer

February 24th 2021

Patients with oropharyngeal cancer demonstrate higher rates of ever performing, timing, number of partners and intensity in oral sex than matching participants, suggesting an association between behavior and diagnosis.

Legendary Guitarist Eddie Van Halen Dies from Cancer

October 6th 2020

Legendary Van Halen lead guitarist, Eddie Van Halen, died on Tuesday from cancer. He was 65.

When Surviving Cancer is only the Beginning

October 5th 2020

For head and neck cancer survivor Jason Mendelsohn surviving cancer was only the beginning of his journey as handling severe side effects from treatment altered his day-to-day life.

Civil Rights Icon John Lewis Dies at 80 from Pancreatic Cancer; Scammer Arrested After Faking Cancer, and More

July 24th 2020

From the death of civil rights icon John Lewis to a woman pretending to have cancer as part of a larger donation scam, here’s what’s making the headlines in the cancer space this week.

Regaining Their Voice: A Cancer Choir Finds Healing Together

July 20th 2020

A laryngectomy choir offers rehabilitation and inspiration to patients after throat cancer.

FDA Approves HPV Vaccine Gardasil 9 for Certain Head and Neck Cancers

June 15th 2020

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted accelerated approval to expand the indication of Gardasil 9 (Human papillomavirus 9-valent vaccine, recombinant), a vaccine for the prevention of HPV, to prevent oropharyngeal and other head and neck cancers caused by certain HPV types.

Speaking Up About Head and Neck Cancers

June 4th 2020

Voice actor Rob Paulsen opens up about how a lump on his neck led to a stage 3 diagnosis.

Rob Paulsen on Facing Cancer and the Pandemic with a Smile

April 18th 2020

Dealing with cancer can be a stressful enough experience without having to navigate a worldwide pandemic, as many are doing due to COVID-19. But according to Rob Paulsen, voice actor and throat cancer survivor, the key to making it through each day may be in finding a reason to smile.

A Powerful Voice in Head and Neck Cancer

April 16th 2020

This week on the CURE Talks Cancer podcast, we spoke with voice actor Rob Paulsen, who was diagnosed with stage 3 metastatic squamous cell carcinoma in 2016, about how his experience helped him find a reason to smile, even when times get tough.