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Image of and xray of head and neck cancer.
Opdivo, Reirradiation May Delay Head and Neck Cancer Progression

June 13th 2024

The immunotherapy Opvido and reirradiation resulted in a one-year progression-free survival rate of 61.7% among certain patients with head and neck cancer.

Image of a vaccine.
HPV Vaccines Associated With Lower Cancer Risk in Younger Adults

May 24th 2024

Image of FDA breakthrough therapy designation.
FDA Expedites Review of Petosemtamab in Head and Neck Cancer

May 17th 2024

Image of an X-ray that shows a tumor in the throat.
Quitting Smoking Before Laryngeal Cancer Treatment Improves Survival

April 26th 2024

Image of the moon and stars.
Cancer's Terror in the Night

April 7th 2024

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