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CURE’s breast cancer page is an extensive resource of cancer information featuring the latest breast cancer news, expert oncologist insights on the latest cancer treatments, oncology research, advocacy efforts, and medical data on breast cancer.

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Illustration of a woman with shoulder-length hair wearing a red cardigan.
The Sudden Twists and Turns of Cancer

April 19th 2024

Finding support as a cancer survivor helps me get through the unpredictable twists and turns of cancer.

Illustration of a woman with short curly brown hair with glasses and gold hoop earrings.
When Your Hero Dies of Lung Cancer

April 18th 2024

Image of a doctor holding treatment on an IV pole.
What Patients With Breast Cancer Need to Know About ADC-Related Fatigue

April 17th 2024

Illustration of a woman with light brown hair, glasses and a blue floral top.
Advocating for My Brain After Metastases from Breast Cancer

April 17th 2024

Image of a doctor cupping their hands around a red heart.
The Time I First Learned About My Mom's Breast Cancer

April 17th 2024

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Darcie Green, executive director of Latinas Contra Cancer |  Photos courtesy of Helynn Ospina
Kelly Thomas considers herself a triple-negative breast cancer thriver

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