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Breast Cancer

Feature Video
Breast cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer. Because there are many different types of breast cancer and several ways to treat the disease, CURE Connections wants to answer the questions you might have following a recent diagnosis. Throughout this program, you will hear about the different testing procedures that are available for screening, what to do once diagnosed, and how to find the best possible care team, from expert oncologists and breast cancer patients.
Bonnie Annis
Instead of feeling helpless, there are ways you can assist your loved one in navigating cancer. This post offers helpful tips to guide you along the way.
Bonnie Annis
Summertime presents challenges for women affected by breast cancer. Body image often suffers if a woman hasn't come to terms with her new appearance.
Brielle Urciuoli
While having a career as a flight attendant allows individuals to travel the globe, exposure to carcinogens and frequent disruptions in circadian rhythms may increase cancer prevalence in these individuals, according to recent research published in the journal Environmental Health.
Samira Rajabi
When my mom got cancer, the last thing on my mind was my own health, but she had the foresight and the care to get a genetic test so that her kids could live long and healthy lives. Today I am grateful for my mom, my whole family and the magic of science.
Jessica Skarzynski
Take a look at the top five CURE stories of June 2018 in this video. 
Barbara Tako
Is it too much to want to feel like myself again after cancer?
Bonnie Annis
There are many signs and symptoms of breast cancer, although some of them aren't very well known. Early detection can help prevent more serious problems. Learn more about how to recognize and protect yourself.
Brenda Denzler
An IBC patient reflects on her search for an alternative to conventional treatment.
Martha Carlson
Palliative care doesn't mean giving up treatment, it means getting the support you need as a patient with metastatic cancer.
Laura Yeager
What to do when cancer isn't ruining your summer...

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