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Verzenio Dose Reductions Don’t Worsen Breast Cancer Outcomes for Older Patients

June 4th 2023

It may be more beneficial to reduce the dose of Verzenio rather than stop the drug altogether, according to the monarchE trial findings.

Patients with HR+, HER2–, Early Breast Cancer Experienced Survival Improvement with Verzenio Plus Endocrine Therapy

June 3rd 2023

Findings from the monarchE trial presented at ASCO showed that for patients with hormone receptor–positive, HER2-negative, high-risk, early breast cancer, Verzenio provided “consistent treatment benefit.”

Edward James Olmos, Khloé Kardashian Discuss Cancer, Survivor Makes a Musical About Her Diagnosis and More

June 2nd 2023

From Edward James Olmos and Khloé Karsashian both discussing their cancer diagnoses to a survivor making a movie musical about her diagnosis and more, here’s what’s happening in the oncology space this week.

Kisqali Plus Endocrine Therapy Improves Early Breast Cancer Outcomes

June 2nd 2023

Adding Kisqali to endocrine therapy tended to improve the amount of time patients with HR-positive, HER2-negative early breast cancer lived before their disease became invasive.

During Cancer, I Find My Inner Goddess With Dinosaurs and Old Movies

June 1st 2023

Who would have thought that a small dinosaur toy helped give me the strength to fight metastatic breast cancer?

Pausing Endocrine Therapy for Pregnancy May Not Impact Breast Cancer Recurrence Risk

May 30th 2023

Women with hormone receptor-positive breast cancer who temporarily interrupted endocrine therapy for pregnancy had a similar recurrence rate to those from a control group, but one expert said that stopping therapy for a short time is still an important decision.

Cancer Treatments — and Its Long-term Effects — Are Like a Bar Fight

May 29th 2023

As it turned out, I didn't have to die from my long-term cancer side effects. I only had to feel like I was about to for long enough for the medical profession to finally take notice.

Hank Green Diagnosed With Lymphoma, Jeff Bridges and Martina Navratilova Provide Cancer Updates and More

May 26th 2023

From YouTuber Hank Green announcing his lymphoma diagnosis, to Jeff Bridges, Martina Navratilova and Leanne Hainsby giving updates on their cancer, here’s what’s happening in the oncology space this week.

Telephone-Based Weight Loss Program Is Effective for Breast Cancer Survivors

May 25th 2023

A telephone-based weight loss program proved to be efficacious in overweight or obese women with breast cancer and may lead to improved disease outcomes in the long run.

Hiking Past Lymphedema

May 22nd 2023

With each hike I complete, I feel empowered and reminded that breast cancer — and lingering lymphedema — cannot keep me down.

My Difficult Decision to Stop Hormone Therapy After Breast Cancer

May 19th 2023

I hated the way that hormone drugs made me feel, so I spoke with my loved ones and oncology team and made the difficult decision to stop.

Cancer Survivor With ‘Bad Blood’ Gifted Taylor Swift Tickets, Golfer Backs Out of the US Open and More

May 19th 2023

From a teen cancer survivor being gifted tickets to Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras’ tour to Michael Hendry backing out of the US Open due to a leukemia diagnosis, here’s what’s happening in the oncology space this week.

Picturing Germline Mutations

May 17th 2023

I don't remember the first time I heard the word "germline," but I do remember when it became a major part of my life.

Cancers Diagnosed During Pregnancy, Postpartum May Have Higher Death Rates

May 16th 2023

Research found that patients diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy or postpartum tended to have slightly lower five-year survival rates than those diagnosed outside of that period.

‘Rocky’ Star Dolph Lundgren Announces Cancer, ‘General Hospital’ Actress Dies of the Disease and More

May 12th 2023

From Dolph Lundgren’s reveal of a years’-long experience with cancer to Jacklyn Zeman of “General Hospital” dying from the disease, here’s what’s happening in the oncology space this week.

Depression Can Impact Breast Cancer Treatment and Survival

May 11th 2023

Depression reduces the likelihood of receiving recommend treatment, which can affect survival, according to a Kentucky-based study of patients with breast cancer.

Something to Hold on to During Cancer

May 10th 2023

The night before my mastectomy, I had a dream about my grandmother who died of breast cancer, which gave me hope throughout the frightening process.

A Tearful Farewell and Armored Welcome: My Cancer Story

May 8th 2023

I’m not usually the emotional type, but the first time I tried on a wig after losing my hair from chemotherapy, I wept.

First Patient Dosed With New Treatment for Breast Cancer and Other Tumors in Clinical Trial

May 5th 2023

A clinical trial is underway for STX-478, a potential new treatment for breast cancer and other tumors, with initial results expected later this year.

Mammograms and Mothering

May 1st 2023

Even though my children are grown up, I still worry about their health — especially when it comes to breast cancer.

Meditation Helped Me Handle Fear of Cancer Recurrence

April 26th 2023

At first I was skeptical about how meditation and breathing techniques could help me with fear of cancer recurrence. But once I started practicing, I noticed a difference in my anxiety.

For Young Breast Cancer Survivors, Doctor Attention to Exercise Is Key

April 26th 2023

Researchers have found that nothing beats direct attention from a care provider to inspire exercise among young women who have been recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

Trust is a Must During a Cancer Journey

April 26th 2023

A cancer diagnosis often means putting your life in the hands of people you hardly know.

Good News or Guilt: Living With Stage 4 Cancer

April 18th 2023

Is it always one or the other? Can good news in one person’s cancer experience do good for the community?

Let Fear Help You Focus After Cancer

April 17th 2023

I’m 16 years out from my breast cancer diagnosis, but every now and then, panic still creeps up on me.

Famous Composer Dies of Cancer, ‘King of Chemo’ Cycles Cross-Country and More

April 14th 2023

From composer Ryuichi Sakamoto’s death to the “King of Chemo” cycling across the United States to raise funds for mental health and cancer charities, here’s what’s happening in the oncology space this week.

Sometimes Cancer Surveillance is Satisfactory

April 10th 2023

When survivorship becomes long-term, it can be an adjustment to move from active treatment to periodic surveillance.

Cancer Taught Me There Are So Many Forms of Support

April 9th 2023

When I was first diagnosed, I wasn’t sure what kind of support to ask for, but now I’m thankful to have many wonderful forms of support around me.

Cancer Imposter Syndrome

April 8th 2023

After hearing others' cancer stories, I found myself feeling "less than" because I didn't undergo radiation and chemotherapy.

Earlier Lymphedema Detection May Lead to Better Outcomes

April 5th 2023

When a green dye was used to detect early signs of breast cancer-related lymphedema, patients tended to have better outcomes with the condition, recent research showed.