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Presurgical Endocrine Therapy Outcomes Are Better for Black Women With Early-Stage Breast Cancer, But Benefit Drops Off for Late-Stage Disease

September 17th 2022

Black women were more likely to benefit from neoadjuvant endocrine therapy for early-stage breast cancer, however, their outcomes were inferior to White women when it came to late-stage disease, recent research showed.

Extra Years Together Meant We Aged Out of a Free Vacation for Families Affected by Cancer

September 16th 2022

Extra years with my family meant missing out on a free trip granted to patients with cancer who have children under the age of 18 — and I’m OK with that.

Men With Breast Cancer May Respond Less to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Versus Women

September 15th 2022

Although rates of pathologic complete response to neoadjuvant — also known as presurgical — chemotherapy were lower in men than women with breast cancer, this may highlight an area of further research of treating this cancer in men.

Why I Advocate for Aesthetic Flat Closure After Breast Cancer Surgery

September 13th 2022

As “Pinktober” approaches, I’m spreading the message that breasts are not needed to live a full life after breast cancer surgery.

Finding the Courage to Look at Family Cancer History

September 12th 2022

As National Previvor Day approaches, I’m getting back on my soapbox to discuss genetic testing and family histories of cancer. After all, these discussions could save lives.

Trodelvy May Fulfill Unmet Need for Subset of Patients With Metastatic Breast Cancer

September 10th 2022

Compared to physician’s choice of treatment, Trodelvy improved survival and quality of life in pretreated patients with HR positive/HER2 negative metastatic breast cancer.

Adding the Novel Drug Oleclumab to Imfinzi and Chemotherapy Fails to Improve TNBC Outcomes

September 9th 2022

Adding the novel drug oleclumab to Imfinzi and chemotherapy for the frontline treatment of advanced triple-negative breast cancer did not improve clinical outcomes, according to recent study findings.

Bravery Versus Courage When Faced with Cancer

September 9th 2022

When my daughter first started cancer treatment, she was brave, but after she understood how difficult it was, she was courageous in continuing.

FDA Issues Statement on New Cases of Rare Breast Implant-Related Cancers

September 9th 2022

The Food and Drug Administration issued a statement about the incidence of new cases of rare cancers that have occurred in the scar tissue around breast implants.

Who Will Be the Next Celebrity Face of Cancer?

September 8th 2022

When celebrities are diagnosed with cancer, they wield great power to bring awareness to the disease but being in the public eye must be extremely challenging, especially when facing a personal health crisis.

5 Ways I Turn Anger Into Cancer Advocacy and Get Busy Livin’

September 7th 2022

I’ve channeled my cancer-related anger into advocacy, and made a “living list” of things I want to accomplish.

My Treasured Box of Cancer Greetings

September 7th 2022

I recently came across a shoebox full of cards sent to me after I was diagnosed with cancer. The love expressed by others was uplifting to me.

Trodelvy Lengthens Time to Disease Progression in Metastatic Breast Cancer

September 7th 2022

Trodelvy bested chemotherapy for progression-free survival in patients with HR-positive, HER2-negative metastatic breast cancer.

Peace Amid the Fear of Cancer

September 3rd 2022

I was paralyzed with fear before starting chemotherapy, but one oncology nurse helped me feel at ease.

Robin Roberts to Step Away from “GMA,” Former NFL Player Dies of Cancer and More

September 2nd 2022

From “Good Morning America” host Robin Roberts stepping away from the show after her partner finished breast cancer radiation to a former Tampa Bay Buccaneer dying of leukemia, here is what’s happening in the cancer space this week.

Timing of Post-Mastectomy Reconstruction Unlikely to Influence Breast Cancer Recurrence Rates, Study Results Show

August 30th 2022

Patients with breast cancer who received post-mastectomy breast reconstruction had similar recurrence rates regardless of the timing of their reconstructive surgery, according to recent study findings.

I’m Not a ‘Cancer Warrior,’ But I Am a ‘Joy Warrior’

August 30th 2022

I’m giving cancer’s “battle language” an update and focusing my survivorship plan on emotional wellbeing and honesty.

Football Quarterback Len Dawson Dies of Cancer, Actress Jennette McCurdy Discusses Her Mom’s Cancer in Memoir and More

August 26th 2022

From the death of a football Hall of Famer and a golf champion to actress and former Nickelodeon star Jennette McCurdy discussing her mother’s breast cancer in her memoir, “I’m Glad My Mom Died,” here’s what’s happening in the cancer space this week.

Create a Cancer-Fighting Superhero

August 25th 2022

Here's a step-by-step guide on how I drew the superhero that I wish existed to fight my wife's cancer.

A Cancer Lesson Learned from a Funky Pair of Shoes

August 24th 2022

Among the many lessons I’ve learned since my diagnosis with cancer, there’s one in particular that I refer to daily. It’s a lesson learned from wearing a pair of odd-looking shoes.

The Hard Truth About Young Women Facing Breast Cancer

August 22nd 2022

My doctor once told me that if you're old enough to fight for your country, then you're old enough to get breast cancer.

A Letter to Those Newly Diagnosed With Cancer, Including My Younger Self

August 22nd 2022

As I reflect on four years of “warriorhood” since being diagnosed with cancer, I wrote a letter to my younger self and others who are just receiving diagnosis.

I Don’t Regret My Choice to Forgo Chemotherapy

August 18th 2022

My choice to not undergo chemotherapy for breast cancer was not an easy one, but looking back, I don’t regret it.

Patient With Metastatic Breast Cancer Recalls Witness of Data Leading to Enhertu Approval in HER2-Low Disease

August 17th 2022

A patient with metastatic breast cancer recalls the emotional experience of being among the thousands of attendees who gave a standing ovation in an auditorium in Chicago when the results of the phase 3 DESTINY-Breast04 trial — which recently led to the FDA approval of Enhertu in HER2-low disease — were presented at the 2022 ASCO Annual Meeting.

Was My Cancer Diagnosis Really a Fluke Like My Oncologist Said?

August 17th 2022

Prior to my breast cancer diagnosis, my only goal in life was for my son to turn 16 so he could drive me to and from the local bars. Now I can’t help but think that my cancer was meant for me to change my life.

Trodelvy Elicits Significant Survival Improvement in A Group of Patients With Pre-Treated Metastatic Breast Cancer

August 16th 2022

The use of Trodelvy was associated with a significant improvement in survival when compared with physician’s choice of chemotherapy in patients with HR-positive, HER2-negative metastatic breast cancer, according to recently announced study findings.

Study to Investigate If Novel Drug Overcomes PARP Inhibitor Resistance in Breast Cancer

August 15th 2022

A phase 2 trial will analyze the novel drug ART4215 with Talzenna, a PARP inhibitor, for patients with BRCA-deficient breast cancer.

Patients With Cancer Should Speak Up About Mental Health Struggles if They Don’t Feel Heard, Expert Says

August 15th 2022

A psychiatrist advises patients with cancer to speak up about their mental health concerns during cancer treatment, as there are tools that can guide best next steps.

Patient Enrollment Expands in Trial Evaluating Novel Drug in Breast Cancer

August 12th 2022

After findings from an early-phase trial showed that the novel drug was associated with anti-tumor activity, investigators decided to continue enrolling more patients with ER-positive, HER2-negative metastatic breast cancer.

Cancer, Bears and Fierce Compassion

August 12th 2022

Gender be damned, a mother bear’s “fierce compassion” became my default mode as I cared for my ailing adventure partner and soul mate.