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Thoughts on Breast Cancer Awareness Month: the Disease Is No ‘Stroll Through the Park’

October 24th 2022

Truly raising awareness for breast cancer — or any other disease — can’t be done with walks and colorful ribbons, but through seeing the people who are affected by the illness.

Cancer Forced Me to Learn to Be Sick

October 21st 2022

I was never sick before cancer, so my diagnosis made me learn how to be ill and accept the kindness of others.

HER2-Low Classification Is a 'Big Leap Forward' for Breast Cancer Treatment

October 21st 2022

Enhertu's FDA approval marked a major milestone in the breast cancer space, as it was the first drug to be approved for patients with HER2-low disease.

Adopting a Dog Helped Me Out of the Post-Cancer and COVID-19 Rut

October 21st 2022

When I found myself struggling with anxiety and depression after cancer and COVID-19, I decided a therapy dog might be a good idea, so I adopted one.

Blink-182 Bassist to Include Lymphoma Diagnosis in His Book, Hall-of-Fame Pitcher Bruce Sutter Dies of Cancer and More

October 21st 2022

From Blink-182’s bassist Mark Hoppus discussing his cancer experience in an upcoming book to Bruce Sutter, a Hall-of-Fame pitcher and Cy Young winner, dying of the disease, here’s what’s happening in the cancer space this week.

Self-Advocacy Is Critical in Cancer Care

October 20th 2022

It is essential that patients with breast cancer speak up to their health care providers, be it advocating for genetic testing or discussing symptoms.

Shifting Thoughts About Pinktober and Breast Cancer Education

October 20th 2022

My view on Breast Cancer Awareness month — aka “Pinktober” — shifted after my daughter was diagnosed.

How Breast Cancer Survivors, Patients Can Cope With Sensation Loss and Numbness After a Mastectomy

October 19th 2022

Chest numbness following a mastectomy can be truly daunting, but patients with breast cancer don’t have to suffer in silence — and it may not be something they have to live with.

Young Age, Triple-Negative Disease May Increase Brain Metastases Risk in Inflammatory Breast Cancer

October 18th 2022

These results, which showed that a patient with inflammatory breast cancer may have an increased risk for brain metastases if certain factors are present, may alert patients and doctors to consider routine brain scans while they undergo treatment for their disease.

Will There Be a Resurgence of Ki-67 Scoring in Breast Cancer?

October 18th 2022

An FDA approval put Ki-67 scoring — which may predict tumor growth — in the spotlight, but what that means long term to patients depends on who you ask.

My Trip to the White House as a Patient With Cancer

October 17th 2022

My trip to the White House to advocate for myself and other patients with cancer was an empowering and memorable experience.

The Fear of Cancer Recurrence is Real, Natural and Nearly Universal

October 17th 2022

There are ways to manage the fear of cancer recurrence, so it doesn’t become overwhelming or debilitating. Physicians like me and a network of resources are here to help.

When Pinktober Brings Another Breast Cancer Diagnosis

October 17th 2022

Here are some tips on how I helped a friend who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

I’m Letting Go of the Victim Mentality and Celebrating Life Post-Cancer

October 13th 2022

I recently decided to stop feeling like a victim in life after cancer. Instead, I’ll celebrate life every day.

A Patient With Breast Cancer Explains How Her Job Saved Her Life

October 13th 2022

A woman with stage 2 invasive ductal carcinoma — a type of breast cancer that begins in the milk ducts of the breast — shares how her experience as an employee at a breast cancer research facility helped her push against doctors who minimized her ultrasound findings and how her Ki-67 score informed her treatment choices.

New Approaches Have Emerged that May Better Treat Secondary Breast Cancer Years After an Initial Diagnosis

October 12th 2022

“Novel approaches to immunotherapy, targeted therapy and combinations with standard chemotherapy are all areas of current research interest,” says an expert at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Sarcoma Center in Boston. “(Secondary breast cancer) can be very challenging when it recurs, so we need to continue to work toward improving systemic therapies through ongoing international trials and collaboration across the community of patients and physicians. That’s what’s going to help us improve outcomes.”

How to Use Drawing as a ‘Creative Break’ From Cancer

October 12th 2022

A professional illustrator and former cancer caregiver uses a detailed step-by-step approach using simple shapes such as circles and rectangles to demonstrate how others can easily draw a lion.

FDA to Speed Up Review of Trodelvy for HR-Positive, HER2-Negative Metastatic Breast Cancer

October 12th 2022

The Food and Drug Administration granted a priority review to Trodelvy for previously treated locally advanced or metastatic HR-positive, HER2-negative breast cancer.

New Way To Define Breast Cancer Opens Doors to Treat Previously-Missed Subtype of Patients

October 11th 2022

The designation of HER2-low status is rapidly reshaping how researchers and care providers not only think about, but also treat, breast cancer.

A Month of Pink Is Not Enough to Prevent Breast Cancer Deaths

October 11th 2022

I wish “Pinktober” was more about saving the people who will die from breast cancer and less about pink ribbons and sexualizing the disease.

No Second Thoughts About My Daughter’s Cancer Treatment Choices

October 10th 2022

It’s easy to question treatment choices patients with cancer make, but my job as the mother of a patient was to be supportive.

I Still Have a Life Despite Cancer

October 9th 2022

I didn’t let my cancer diagnoses get in the way of living life.

Cancer’s Emotional Scars Deserve Compassionate Healing

October 7th 2022

I turned my cancer-related depression and frustration with the health care system into something positive for others with the disease.

Standup Comedian and Self-Proclaimed 'Love Goddess' Judy Tenuta Dies From Cancer, New England Patriots Host a ‘Day of Pampering’ for Cancer Survivors and More

October 7th 2022

From the death of standup comedian and "Love Goddess" Judy Tenuta to professional sports hall-of-famers discussing their cancer, here’s what’s happening in the cancer space this week.

Coming Full Circle: How a Patient Worked With a Breast Cancer Drug Years Before Reclassification of Her Disease Led to the Same Treatment

October 6th 2022

A patient with metastatic breast cancer shares how she learned that her disease was recently reclassified as HER-2 low, and what it was like to first learn about the FDA-approved drug years before she would be prescribed the treatment.

Inflammation May Predict Chemotherapy-Induced Weakness in Older Women With Breast Cancer

October 6th 2022

High levels of inflammation, as well as high BMI and later-stage disease, may be predictors of weakness after chemotherapy treatment in older patients with breast cancer, which may hold potential in guiding treatment decisions.

Twitter Solved My Health Insurance Woes When Common Sense Got in My Way

October 5th 2022

The switch from private insurance to Medicare was a struggle — especially considering my need for cancer care — that was not solved by numerous phone calls, but by Twitter instead.

Thriving in Pink After Breast Cancer

October 5th 2022

Looking back on my breast cancer experience, I contemplate what it means to thrive.

Life After Cancer: I’m Embracing the New Me

October 3rd 2022

It’s been 20 years since my cancer diagnosis, and in that time, I’ve changed significantly.

I’m ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ in Life After Cancer

October 3rd 2022

After undergoing treatment for triple-negative breast cancer, I’m living my life with cautious optimism, and will always seek out joy.