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FDA Approves Orserdu for Some Patients with Metastatic Breast Cancer

January 27th 2023

The Food and Drug Administration approved Orserdu for patients with ER-positive, HER2-negative, ESR1-mutated advanced or metastatic breast cancer.

The Day I Realized My Oncologist Was a Real Person

January 27th 2023

I always viewed my doctors as being unapproachable on a personal level. I thought they were there to examine and diagnose me, imparting wisdom I could never hope to attain, but one day I realized I was very wrong.

Acknowledging Cancer-Related Cognitive Impairment May Be Best Treatment for Breast Cancer Survivors Versus Physical, Mindfulness Exercises

January 26th 2023

When comparing mindfulness activities with physical exercise and no exercise to treat cancer-related cognitive impairment, breast cancer survivors showed similar outcomes across the board, leading researchers to suggest acknowledging the side effect may help patients cope.

'Cancer Ghosting' Is an Unfortunate Reality

January 26th 2023

Losing my breasts was hard, but losing one of my best friends was even harder, and something I’ve had to come to terms with.

Is There a Scale for Cancer Survivorship?

January 26th 2023

My cancer was caught early, and I never had to have chemotherapy — leading me experience survivor’s guilt and ask, “can I even call myself a survivor?”

A Small, Inspiring Bushy-Tailed Visitor as a Distraction From Cancer

January 24th 2023

When my wife was going through cancer treatments, she sometimes would color my artwork as a distraction. Here’s an activity I made for other survivors, now that it’s the year of the rabbit.

I’m Embracing Enhertu in 2023

January 18th 2023

Last month, I learned that the treatment for my metastatic breast cancer stopped working, but was thrilled to learn about Enhertu — a new drug for a new subset of patients with breast cancer — as the next line of therapy.

Cancer Privilege Guilt

January 17th 2023

Cancer isn't easy for anyone, but sometimes I feel guilty that my daughter had some supports that others do not.

When Memory Lane Veers Into Cancer Highway

January 16th 2023

Cancer is complicated enough while we are in it. How important are specific memories and details as we focus on survivorship into, hopefully, an old age that may bring natural memory loss?

My Dog Was by My Side Through the Toughest Cancer Days, and Now I’m Returning the Favor

January 12th 2023

After I was diagnosed with cancer, some people “ghosted” me, but my dog, Iris, never did.

How to Regain Control After a Cancer Diagnosis

January 11th 2023

Here are a few tips I’ve found that helped me regain a sense of control after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Patients with Breast Cancer May Experience Cognitive Decline Up to Two Years Post-Treatment

January 11th 2023

Treatment for breast cancer, such a chemotherapy, may cause a decline in working memory, processing speed, attention and more for patients.

Being Persistent Pays Off in Cancer Advocacy

January 7th 2023

Fighting for something I believe in was worth it, especially since it came to my health after cancer.

Martina Navratilova Receives Cancer Diagnoses, Jill Biden to Have a Skin Lesion Removed and More

January 6th 2023

From tennis star Martina Navratilova’s two cancer diagnoses to First Lady Jill Biden undergoing Mohs surgery to have a suspicious lesion removed and musician deaths, here’s what’s happening in the cancer space this week.

Patients Discharged the Same Day as Their Mastectomy Express Similar Satisfaction to Those Admitted to the Hospital, Study Shows

January 5th 2023

Patients with breast cancer who receive mastectomies and are discharged the same day report similar levels of satisfaction to those who are admitted, but more research is needed, explained an expert.

Everyone Thought I’d Be ‘Better’ After Cancer Treatment, But I Still Struggle

January 4th 2023

Now that I’m six years out of my breast cancer treatment, people assume that I’m better and lack empathy. However, my anxiety is still high.

Crystal Singing Bowls Were a Relaxing and Cleansing Cancer Therapy for Me

January 4th 2023

My local cancer wellness center offered a singing bowls session, which I found incredibly relaxing.

How I See Myself — and What I Call Myself — as a Man With Breast Cancer

January 2nd 2023

Over the years, I have learned that self-image is an important part of the cancer experience and can change day by day.

Top FDA Approvals of 2022

December 27th 2022

There were some monumental FDA approvals in the cancer space during 2022 — here’s a roundup of our most-read agency decisions of the year.

Living Life Between Cancer Appointments

December 26th 2022

When cancer entered our life, fear was a constant. However, we tried to live as joyously as possible between check-ups.

Enhertu May Further Improve Survival Versus Xeloda Regimens in HER2-Positive Breast Cancer

December 24th 2022

Recent study results showed that patients with advanced HER2-positive breast cancer lived longer without disease progression when treated with Enhertu compared to when treated with Xeloda.

Why I’m Grateful to Make it to December Every Year as a Cancer Warrior

December 23rd 2022

After being diagnosed with cancer, my love for December is not just Christmas.

Are Cancer Outcomes Just a Roll of the Dice?

December 22nd 2022

No matter how grateful I feel this holiday season, I fear that my daughter’s no evidence of disease status was just a roll of the dice — and another roll can take us back to the world of cancer.

Lighting the Path to Cancer Survivorship

December 21st 2022

During this holiday season, lighting candles in remembrance and in honor of those who need a little light on their cancer journeys helps me cope, too.

Reframing the Discussion for Surgical Options after Breast Cancer — Women are Choosing to ‘Go Flat’

December 20th 2022

After undergoing a mastectomy, women can either proceed with reconstruction or "go flat," but one expert says that the correct decision is what’s best for the patient.

A Holiday Offering for Those Affected by Cancer

December 20th 2022

As I work on a holiday drawing, the coyotes are howling outside, while inside, my cat and I are reminded of my wife who died of breast cancer.

Clear Cancer Scans Would Be the Best Gift of the Season

December 19th 2022

Now that I’ve met my insurance premium, I’m scheduling some year-end cancer appointments, and praying for good results.

Breast Cancer Camaraderie is Real

December 17th 2022

The breast cancer community is made up of men and women who understand the importance of camaraderie. By showing each other love and support, no one ever feels alone. 

Lumpectomy for Multiple Ipsilateral Breast Cancer May Still Fend Against Recurrence at 5 Years Versus Mastectomy

December 16th 2022

Women with multiple ipsilateral breast cancer may have similar recurrence-free outcomes with a lumpectomy as one might encounter with a mastectomy, opening the door for more surgical treatment options for these patients.

Tina Turner’s Son Dies of Cancer, NFL Team Honors Group’s $5.6 Million Fundraising Effort and More

December 16th 2022

From Tina Turner’s son, Ronnie, dying of cancer to the Miami Dolphins honoring a group of people who raised over $5 million for oncology care and research, here is what’s happening in the cancer space this week.