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Enrolling in Clinical Trials for EGFR Exon 20–Positive NSCLC

May 20th 2022

A shared discussion on the importance of enrolling in clinical trials for EGFR exon 20–positive NSCLC and improving access to novel therapy for patients.

Improving Quality of Life While Receiving Treatment for NSCLC

May 20th 2022

A focused conversation on how a patient can maintain and improve quality of life while receiving therapy for non–small cell lung cancer.

Cancer Trial Hopes to Find New Patient Populations That Will Respond to Already-Approved Drugs

May 19th 2022

The Strata PATH trial will use a novel testing strategy to determine if certain patients with solid tumors can benefit from already-approved therapies.

Support for Patients Undergoing Treatment for NSCLC

May 13th 2022

Comprehensive discussion on support for patients receiving therapy for NSCLC, ranging from care team members to education materials to support groups.

How to Decide on Novel Therapy for EGFR Exon 20–Positive NSCLC

May 13th 2022

Looking at available novel therapy for EGFR exon 20 insertion–positive NSCLC, experts consider how patients can play a part in identifying their best treatment option.

Educating Patients About Cancer Should Not Be a ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ Approach, Says Expert

May 11th 2022

When it comes to learning about their disease, patients with cancer can have different preferences, from wanting to discuss treatments with their providers or read handouts, while others may not want to know much at all.

Use of Amivantamab in patients with EGFR Exon 20–Positive Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer

May 6th 2022

An expert in the lung cancer and a representative from lung cancer advocacy group talk about the use of amivantamab, a novel therapy approved for treating EGFR exon 20 insertion–positive disease.

Access to Novel Therapy for EGFR Exon 20–Positive NSCLC

May 6th 2022

A brief discussion on the importance of accessing novel therapy and clinical trials in the setting of EGFR exon 20 insertion–positive NSCLC.

Dear John Wayne: Let’s Cut ‘the Big C’ Down to Size, Because Cancer Is a Coward

May 2nd 2022

John Wayne coined the term, “the Big C,” for cancer, but I think it’s time that the capital letter C stands for something better.

Driving Lung Cancer Research With Compassion

April 30th 2022

Livia Szeto, B.S.N., RN, OCN, has "unparalleled" patient relationships and research skills, allowing her to provide excellent care.

The Importance of Molecular Profiling and Patient Education in NSCLC

April 29th 2022

Shared insight on how molecular profiling can impact the management of EGFR exon 20 insertion–positive NSCLC and how patient advocacy groups can help patients to interpret test results.

Overview of EGFR Exon 20 and Molecular Testing in NSCLC

April 29th 2022

Experts explain the presence and role of EGFR exon 20 insertion mutations in non–small cell lung cancer and highlight the role of molecular profiling.

Imfinzi May Be Better in a Combination for Advanced Lung Cancer

April 27th 2022

Imfinzi alone is the standard of care in this patient population, however two combinations may have better outcomes.

Patient Receives Treatment With Novel Drug in First-in-Human Trial Assessing its Safety and Efficacy in Brain and Lung Cancer

April 25th 2022

The drug, known as BDTX-1535, is being investigated in patients with glioblastoma that harbors EGFR alterations and non-small cell lung cancer that harbors EGFR mutations of intrinsic or acquired resistance and disease that has failed standard treatment.

A Step Forward in Treating KRAS G12-Mutated Lung Cancer

April 18th 2022

Activating mutations in this class of oncogenes, specifically KRAS, have made a big step forward scientifically and clinically just in the last couple of years.

Treatment Advancements in Lung Cancer Lead to ‘Tremendous Growth’

April 16th 2022

Recent advancements surrounding the development of biomarker- targeted therapies have revolutionized the treatment of lung cancer.

What Patients With Lung Cancer Don’t Know May Be Critically Important

April 14th 2022

Patients who are part of an advocacy group may be better equipped to understand biomarker testing during a lung cancer diagnosis and feel more empowered.

Targeted Therapy Advances in Lung Cancer Space Over Past 2 Decades 'Simply Remarkable'

April 14th 2022

Over the past 20 years, advancements in the lung cancer space have led to a drastic paradigm shift in how patients are now treated, ultimately leading to substantial improvements in survival and patient quality of life.

FDA’s Approval of Opdivo-Chemo Regimen Spurs Another Thought-Provoking Treatment Option in Lung Cancer

April 13th 2022

The FDA’s recent approval of Opdivo plus chemotherapy may be beneficial for some patients with non-small cell lung cancer, further highlighting the need for multidisciplinary care.

A New Path Emerges in Lung Cancer Treatment

April 13th 2022

Anti-TIGIT immunotherapy drugs may improve quality of life and survival, while being well tolerated by patients.

KRAS G12C Lung Cancer: New Therapies Treat the 'Undruggable'

April 12th 2022

The KRAS G12C gene mutation in non-small cell lung cancer has been deemed “undruggable,” but recent effective therapies have successfully targeted this mutation, leading to shrinking of tumors and longer survival.

Finding Someone You Trust: Cancer Hope Network Advocate Highlights Programs Available for Patients with Lung Cancer

April 11th 2022

As part of its Speaking Out video series, CURE spoke with Sarah Miretti Cassidy, director of external affairs at Cancer Hope Network, about the importance of support following a lung cancer diagnosis.

Advocate Discusses Emotional Side Effects from Lung Cancer, and the Types of Support Available to Help

April 11th 2022

As part of its Speaking Out video series, CURE spoke with Sarah Miretti Cassidy, director of external affairs at Cancer Hope Network, about the psychosocial effects of a lung cancer diagnosis.

Advocate Discusses Types of Support for End-Stage Cancer Available for Patients and Their Loved Ones

April 11th 2022

As part of its Speaking Out video series, CURE spoke with Sarah Miretti Cassidy, from Cancer Hope Network, about seeking support for patients who may be nearing end of life, as well as support for family and friends after a loved one has passed.

Next-Generation Sequencing Is ‘Treatment Changing’ for Cancer — But What Is It?

April 11th 2022

“It’s important for patients to be educated on (next-generation sequencing), because the more we know about a patient’s cancer, the better we can design a personalized treatment plan,” says an expert.

Novel Therapy-Tecentriq Combo Fails to Improve Survival in an Aggressive Form of Lung Cancer

March 30th 2022

Tiragolumab plus Tecentriq and chemotherapy did not significantly improve progression-free survival and overall survival in patients with extensive-stage small-cell lung cancer.

FDA Rejects Request to Approve Novel Drug Combination in NSCLC

March 27th 2022

The FDA’s decision follows a recommendation from a panel of experts that suggested the agency not approve sintilimab plus the chemotherapy pemetrexed and platinum-based chemotherapy for patients with non-squamous non-small cell lung cancer.

‘Today Show’ Anchor Hoda Kotb Discusses Fertility Issues Following Cancer Diagnosis, Pfizer Pulls Blood Pressure Drugs Due to Cancer Concerns and More

March 25th 2022

From Pfizer issuing a voluntary recall of three blood pressure drugs due to a high level of a cancer-causing chemical to “Today Show” co-ancho Hoda Kotb discussing her struggles with fertility after receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer, here’s what’s happening in the cancer space this week.

Experimental drug could spur immunotherapy response in patients with non-small cell lung cancer

March 21st 2022

FDA Approves Opdivo-Chemotherapy Regimen for Pre-Surgical Treatment of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

March 5th 2022

The FDA’s approval of the Opdivo plus platinum-doublet chemotherapy regimen marks the agency’s first greenlight, according to manufacturer Bristol Myers Squibb, of an immunotherapy-based treatment in the pre-surgical setting for non-small cell lung cancer.