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Advocate Discusses Types of Support for End-Stage Cancer Available for Patients and Their Loved Ones

April 11th 2022

As part of its Speaking Out video series, CURE spoke with Sarah Miretti Cassidy, from Cancer Hope Network, about seeking support for patients who may be nearing end of life, as well as support for family and friends after a loved one has passed.

Next-Generation Sequencing Is ‘Treatment Changing’ for Cancer — But What Is It?

April 11th 2022

“It’s important for patients to be educated on (next-generation sequencing), because the more we know about a patient’s cancer, the better we can design a personalized treatment plan,” says an expert.

Novel Therapy-Tecentriq Combo Fails to Improve Survival in an Aggressive Form of Lung Cancer

March 30th 2022

Tiragolumab plus Tecentriq and chemotherapy did not significantly improve progression-free survival and overall survival in patients with extensive-stage small-cell lung cancer.

FDA Rejects Request to Approve Novel Drug Combination in NSCLC

March 27th 2022

The FDA’s decision follows a recommendation from a panel of experts that suggested the agency not approve sintilimab plus the chemotherapy pemetrexed and platinum-based chemotherapy for patients with non-squamous non-small cell lung cancer.

‘Today Show’ Anchor Hoda Kotb Discusses Fertility Issues Following Cancer Diagnosis, Pfizer Pulls Blood Pressure Drugs Due to Cancer Concerns and More

March 25th 2022

From Pfizer issuing a voluntary recall of three blood pressure drugs due to a high level of a cancer-causing chemical to “Today Show” co-ancho Hoda Kotb discussing her struggles with fertility after receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer, here’s what’s happening in the cancer space this week.

Experimental drug could spur immunotherapy response in patients with non-small cell lung cancer

March 21st 2022

FDA Approves Opdivo-Chemotherapy Regimen for Pre-Surgical Treatment of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

March 5th 2022

The FDA’s approval of the Opdivo plus platinum-doublet chemotherapy regimen marks the agency’s first greenlight, according to manufacturer Bristol Myers Squibb, of an immunotherapy-based treatment in the pre-surgical setting for non-small cell lung cancer.

‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Ditches Wig to Make Statement About Her Cancer, Children in Ukraine Evacuated to Neighboring Countries to Continue Cancer Treatment and More

March 4th 2022

From a “Jeopardy!” winner taking her wig off on the gameshow to childhood patients with cancer in Ukraine being bussed to neighboring countries to safely receive treatment, here’s what’s happening in the cancer space this week.

Leptomeningeal Disease: A Rare Cancer Metastasis

March 2nd 2022

The number of people developing leptomeningeal disease is increasing for the same reason that diagnoses of brain metastases are on the rise: People are living longer, giving cancer more time to spread.

‘Tremendous Hope’ Surrounds Emerging Therapies for Cancer That has Spread to the Brain

March 1st 2022

Better therapies are on the horizon for cancer that has spread to the brain, including a clinical trial that matches patients with treatments based on unique genetic changes in brain metastases.

Opdivo Gets FDA Priority Review for Presurgical NSCLC Treatment

February 28th 2022

The Food and Drug Administration plans to speed up its review of Opdivo in the pre-surgical setting for patients with non-small cell lung cancer.

NBC Meteorologist Bob Nunnally Takes Time Off for Cancer Treatment, Mary J. Blige Stars in Super Bowl Ad to Encourage Cancer Screenings, And More

February 18th 2022

From NBC4 meteorologist Bob Nunnally’s break for cancer treatments to Mary J. Blige’s Super Bowl commercial encouraging others to undergo cancer screenings, here’s what’s happening in the cancer landscape this week.

Future Perspectives in Adjuvant Therapy for Early Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Therapy

February 14th 2022

Two experts explain how early-stage non-small cell lung cancer treatment has changed in recent years, particularly in the adjuvant setting, and offer future perspectives in this space.

Losing His Wife to Cancer Brought Chris Draft From the NFL to the White House

February 10th 2022

On this episode of the “Cancer Horizons” podcast, former NFL linebacker Chris Draft discusses his wife’s experience with cancer, which led to her untimely death, and describes why advocacy is so important in the cancer world, especially with Cancer Moonshot bringing disparities to the forefront.

‘Fight Like a Linebacker’ Says Former NFL Player and Cancer Advocate

February 7th 2022

After the death of his wife, former NFL linebacker Chris Draft has been advocating for improvements for all patients with cancer — a mission that perfectly aligns with the recently relaunched Cancer Moonshot initiative.

Ongoing Trials in the Adjuvant Setting in Early Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

February 7th 2022

Dr. Jessica Donington provides an overview of key ongoing clinical trials of systemic adjuvant therapy in early non-small cell lung cancer.

The Role of the Patient in Early Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Adjuvant Therapy Selection

February 7th 2022

An expert surgeon explains the role patients have in adjuvant therapy selection for early non-small cell lung cancer.

Patients Experienced Fewer Symptoms After Lung Cancer Surgery When Using an Electronic Reporting System

February 3rd 2022

Patients with lung cancer whose symptoms were managed by automated alerts to their care team through an electronic system after surgery had fewer post-surgical complications than patients who received standard care.

Selecting Appropriate Adjuvant Therapies for Early Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

January 31st 2022

Dr. Martin Dietrich reviews some factors to consider when selecting an adjuvant therapy for early non-small cell lung cancer.

Talking to Early Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients About Adjuvant Therapy

January 31st 2022

Jessica Donington, MD, MSCR, describes how she discusses adjuvant therapy with patients diagnosed with early non-small cell lung cancer.

Limiting Alcohol Consumption During Cancer Treatment May Improve Health, Lessen Risk for Additional Diagnoses

January 28th 2022

Patients who limit alcohol intake during their cancer treatment may experience several health benefits, according to physicians from Tampa Bay Radiation Oncology.

Skin-Related Side Effects From a Certain Cancer Treatment May Indicate Stronger Responses, Survival

January 28th 2022

Side effects from cancer treatment with immunotherapy, which may include vitiligo and certain rashes, may point to who will respond better to the treatment, although more research is needed to determine how much weight to put on these data.

‘Seinfeld’ Actress Kathryn Kates Dies From Cancer, Rower With Cancer Breaks Transatlantic Record

January 28th 2022

From the lung cancer death of “Seinfeld” actress Kathryn Kates to a patient with cancer who broke a rowing world record, here’s what’s happening in the cancer landscape this week.

Early Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: The IMpower010 Trial

January 24th 2022

An expert oncologist details the design, outcomes, and clinical implications of the IMpower010 trial.

Early Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer and the ADAURA Trial

January 24th 2022

Dr. Jessica Donington explains how the results of the ADAURA trial changed the treatment algorithm in the adjuvant setting in early non-small cell lung cancer.

First-In-Human Clinical Trial of Investigational Therapy for Multiple Advanced Solid Tumors Is Underway

January 21st 2022

Researchers plan to enroll 60 patients in the first-in-human phase 1 clinical trial to assess the safety and preliminary clinical activity of an anti-CD39 monoclonal antibody to treat advanced solid tumors.

FDA to Review Libtayo for Frontline Advanced NSCLC

January 19th 2022

After promising phase 3 clinical trial results, the FDA will consider Libtayo for approval to treat patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer, regardless of PD-L1 status.

Can a Blood Test Detect Lung Cancer in High-Risk Adults?

January 19th 2022

A new study to evaluate the accuracy of a blood test for detecting lung cancer in high-risk adults has enrolled its first participant with plans to enroll thousands more.

Early Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: Chemotherapy and Toxicity

January 17th 2022

Martin Dietrich, MD, PhD, describes the toxicity profiles of chemotherapy agents used in the adjuvant setting in early non-small cell lung cancer.

Early Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer and Adjuvant Therapy

January 17th 2022

Two experts detail the use of adjuvant therapy, including chemotherapy, in treating early non-small cell lung cancer.