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Dr. Mario Sznol
Because they have been found to be effective in the treatment of many types of cancer, including melanoma, immunotherapy drugs like anti-PD-1 agents and anti-CTLA4 therapies should not be discounted because of their toxicities.
Laura Michaelis, MD
Emergency room visits are costly and take a lot of time patients with cancer don’t have, which is why the creation of a 24-hour clinic to address cancer related symptoms and treatment side effects could prove vital for patients.
Cannon McMullin
Cannon McMullin was diagnosed with essential thrombocythemia at 8 years old and has remained positive through years of treatment by focusing on the things he likes to do.
Natalie Catalano
For Natalie Catalano, caregiving for her daughter with essential thrombocythemia included not only being a rock of support, but also being a vocal advocate for her daughter’s care team to make the right diagnosis.
Madeleine Henriquez, PA-C
Madeleine Henriquez noticed that the mental health care of patients with MPN was being overlooked and took action in a way that has changed her community for the better.
Dr. Simon Rule
Typically, the longer a patient with cancer is exposed to a drug the more side effects they experience, but in the case of Imbruvica, the opposite appears to be true for patients with MCL.
Dr. Irum Khan
Patients with rare blood cancers are not all the same, and this understanding has helped Dr. Irum Khan become an advocate for people with these conditions — and an MPN Hero.
Dr. Matthew Davids
Researchers are exploring ways to limit the duration of treatment in chronic lymphocytic leukemia in order to reduce costs.
Maimah Karmo
Young women and women of color with breast cancer, as well as those with metastatic disease, had the chance to experience SABCS 2019 and advocate for representation of their patient groups in ongoing clinical trials.
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The comparison of trastuzumab deruxtecan (DS-8201a) with standard chemotherapy is examined for patients with low levels of HER2 metastatic breast cancer and final thoughts on the future treatment landscape of HER2+ breast cancer.

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