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Cancer Survivors Should Discuss COVID-19 Risks with Their Health Care Providers

March 25th 2020

Expert Dr. Sara Hurvitz discusses why cancer survivors should discuss their risk factors during the COVID-19 pandemic with their healthcare providers.

'Maximum Amount of Caution' Necessary for Immunosuppressed Patients Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

March 24th 2020

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic patients with cancer who are considered to have weakened immune systems need to have a special emphasis placed on their care.

CURE New Issue Alert: 2020 Hematology Special Edition-1

March 12th 2020

Here are the latest highlights from the first CURE Hematology Special Edition issue for 2020.

New Issue Alert: Heal Winter 2020

March 3rd 2020

Get a sneak peek at what’s inside our Winter 2020 issue of Heal Magazine.

CURE's Top Stories: February 2020

March 2nd 2020

Here are the top five CURE® stories for February 2020.

Combination Therapies Open New Doors in Renal Cell Carcinoma Studies

February 26th 2020

Utilizing the data of the CheckMate 9ER trial, researchers believe that combination therapies in the treatment of patients with renal cell carcinoma are the future of the landscape.

New Issue Alert: CURE Winter 2020

February 25th 2020

Here’s a look at what’s inside our 2020 Winter issue.

Aiming for Long Term Success in Kidney Cancer Treatment

February 24th 2020

Treatments for renal cell carcinoma are showing effectiveness in the short term, but with the help of new trials, researchers are looking to expand their impact for long term treatment.

Immune Checkpoint Inhibition Could Be the Future of Renal Cell Carcinoma Treatment

February 24th 2020

The landscape for patients with renal cell carcinoma could potentially change as the use of immune checkpoint inhibition shows promise for these patients.

Novel HER-2 Targeted Agents Show Promise in Treating CNS Metastases

February 21st 2020

A recent study looking at data from three clinical trials involving Nerlynx shows promise for the future of treating patients with HER-2 positive breast cancer who develop CNS metastases.

Padcev, Keytruda Combination Proves Impactful for Patients with Metastatic Urothelial Cancer

February 20th 2020

The results of a phase 2 study looking at Padcev and Keytruda combination therapy for patients with metastatic urothelial cancer shows promise with a 73% response that did not differ for a patient’s PDL1 status.

Disparities Exist in Young Patients with Colorectal and Gastric Cancers

February 4th 2020

The incidence of colorectal and gastric cancers has risen for younger patients, and many of them share ethnic and socioeconomic disparities as well.

CURE's Top Stories: January 2020

February 2nd 2020

Take a look back at the top five CURE® stories for January 2020.

Updates From a PARP Inhibitor Clinical Trial for Patients with Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer

February 1st 2020

A subset of patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer and an inherited BRCA mutation rapidly progressed during a clinical trial of Lynparza.

Blood-Based Test Detects Gastrointestinal Cancers with High Accuracy, Study Finds

January 31st 2020

A circulating cell-free DNA test for patients with gastrointestinal cancers has a 90% accuracy rate to detect patients’ cancers and could provide a standard test in the future, according to new study findings.

Patient-Reported Outcomes Improve with Combination Treatment for Some Patients With Hepatocellular Carcinoma

January 30th 2020

The combination treatment of Tecentriq (atezolizumab) and Avastain (bevacizumab) improved patient-reported outcomes and quality of life in a recent phase 3 study.

Targeted Therapies Improve Overall Survival for Patients With Colorectal Cancer Subtype

January 29th 2020

The cancer landscape has changed for patients with the introduction of targeted therapies, and a combination targeted therapy for some patients with colorectal cancer shows new promise.

Addressing the Symptom Burden of Patients With MPN

January 24th 2020

The expert who created an assessment tool to help patients with myeloproliferative neoplasms explain their symptoms to their care ream shares how the idea came to fruition.

MPN Hero Advocates For Patients Enrolled In Clinical Trials

January 23rd 2020

Kurt Schroeder, a research nurse, pushes for a patient-first mentality, especially as they participate in a clinical trial.

Advocating for Education of Myeloproliferative Neoplasms

January 22nd 2020

Ann McMullin fought for her son to be properly diagnosed and is advocating for more education among medical professionals of rare diseases like her son’s essential thrombocythemia.

How Translational Research Brings Research Outcomes To The Bedside

January 20th 2020

As a guest speaker at the 2019 MPN Heroes ® Recognition Ceremony, Dr. David C. Fajenbaum had the chance to discuss how translational research is a vital part of getting the right treatment to patients with cancer.

In Cancer Treatment, Immunotherapy is a Viable Option Despite Toxicities

January 18th 2020

Because they have been found to be effective in the treatment of many types of cancer, including melanoma, immunotherapy drugs like anti-PD-1 agents and anti-CTLA4 therapies should not be discounted because of their toxicities.

MPN Hero Discusses Providing Immediate Cancer Care By Circumventing The Emergency Room

January 17th 2020

Emergency room visits are costly and take a lot of time patients with cancer don’t have, which is why the creation of a 24-hour clinic to address cancer related symptoms and treatment side effects could prove vital for patients.

Eleven-Year-Old MPN Hero Remains Positive in the Face of Uncertainty

January 14th 2020

Cannon McMullin was diagnosed with essential thrombocythemia at 8 years old and has remained positive through years of treatment by focusing on the things he likes to do.

MPN Hero Advocates for Her Daughter Until The Right Diagnosis Is Made

January 14th 2020

For Natalie Catalano, caregiving for her daughter with essential thrombocythemia included not only being a rock of support, but also being a vocal advocate for her daughter’s care team to make the right diagnosis.

MPN Hero Bridges the Care Gap to Address Mental Health Issues in Patients with MPNs

January 11th 2020

Madeleine Henriquez noticed that the mental health care of patients with MPN was being overlooked and took action in a way that has changed her community for the better.

BTK Inhibitor Use Proves Beneficial in Mantle Cell Lymphoma Treatment

January 8th 2020

Typically, the longer a patient with cancer is exposed to a drug the more side effects they experience, but in the case of Imbruvica, the opposite appears to be true for patients with MCL.

MPN Hero Advocates For Individualized Patient Care

January 6th 2020

Patients with rare blood cancers are not all the same, and this understanding has helped Dr. Irum Khan become an advocate for people with these conditions — and an MPN Hero.

Limiting Treatment Duration Improves Cost Effectiveness in CLL

January 5th 2020

Researchers are exploring ways to limit the duration of treatment in chronic lymphocytic leukemia in order to reduce costs.

Patients with Breast Cancer Who Face Treatment Disparities Grow Their Role at Major Medical Conference

December 26th 2019

Young women and women of color with breast cancer, as well as those with metastatic disease, had the chance to experience SABCS 2019 and advocate for representation of their patient groups in ongoing clinical trials.