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Turning Love for Family Into Cancer Research

January 24th 2019

After her daughter was diagnosed, Celia Miltz founded the Friends of ET Research.

Expert Discusses Exciting Advances in the MPN Field

January 23rd 2019

Angela Fleischman, M.D., Ph.D., is particularly excited for improvements in treating early-stage disease.

A PSA for Myeloproliferative Neoplasms

January 22nd 2019

After realizing how little awareness there was about MPNs, one advocate looked to his TV background to help.

A Cure Is Needed for MPNs, says 12-Year-Old

January 21st 2019

Jaden Persaud knows firsthand how a MPN diagnosis can affect a family's life.

Early Treatment for Myelodysplastic Syndrome: Many Patients Are Missing Out

January 15th 2019

Many patients with myelodysplastic syndrome are not receiving early treatment.

It's an Exciting Time for Myelodysplastic Syndrome

January 11th 2019

Learning more about MDS will lead to better diagnostics and more personalized treatments.

Cure: Is it Possible for CLL?

January 10th 2019

Will the word "cure" be used for patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)?

Not the 'Typical Cancer Patient'

January 9th 2019

Katherine Heinowitz said she had the best year of her life after being diagnosed with cancer. But to do that, she had to do something she had never done before.

Knowledge Is Key in Patient Advocacy

January 8th 2019

Understanding the disease and treatments are key aspects of being a patient advocate, explained MPN Hero Marcy Worthington.

Physician Turns Personal Diagnosis to Educational Opportunity

January 5th 2019

Brian Koffman is a family physician who used his own CLL diagnosis to start a group that informs other patients and their loved ones.

A Calling to Help Patients With MPNs

January 3rd 2019

For this MPN Hero, helping patients came naturally, she said.

From Dancing to Amputation and Back Again

January 2nd 2019

Evan Ruggiero was a sophomore in college when one day, he woke up with an intense pain in his leg. Since he spent many hours a day dancing, he initially thought it might be a minor injury. He got an X-ray anyway, and the results ended up being much more severe: an osteosarcoma diagnosis.

Scott Hamilton Talks Proton Therapy

December 21st 2018

One of Scott Hamilton's doctors told him that proton therapy was, "an elegant choice."

Putting Life Into Perspective After a Cancer Diagnosis

December 19th 2018

Former NFL coach discusses how cancer motivated him to appreciate life.

Nutrition Is Essential Through the Cancer Journey

December 13th 2018

Two dietitians discuss the important role that food and nutrition play from diagnosis to survivorship.

Myeloma Takeaways from the GRIFFIN Trial

December 11th 2018

New findings could spark change in the way that some patients with multiple myeloma are treated.

Genetic Testing for GI Cancers: Preventative and Diagnostic

December 10th 2018

There can be many benefits for patients with gastrointestinal cancers, as well as their loved ones, to undergo genetic testing.

The Basics of Interventional Clinical Trials

December 8th 2018

An expert describes what an interventional clinical trial is.

Learning the Lingo of Cancer

December 4th 2018

A cancer diagnosis can lead to discussions about family health history, as well as a whole new world to learn about.

Defying Odds and Dancing Through Cancer

November 30th 2018

While pursuing a degree in fine arts, tap dancer and musician Evan Ruggiero was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in his right leg. Though his diagnosis ultimately led to amputation, he always knew that he would return back to doing what he loved.

Focusing on Quality of Life, Improving Outcomes in Ovarian Cancer

November 27th 2018

Patients with ovarian cancer are living longer than ever.

Expert Talks Side Effects of PV Treatment

November 21st 2018

While Jakafi has been providing promising outcomes so far, there are still some side effects that patients and providers should look out for.

Clinical Trials: Know the Basics

November 20th 2018

Clinical trials are essential in improving treatment in the world of oncology, especially for rare cancers.

Advice for Patients: Navigating the Cost of Cancer

November 16th 2018

Hear patient-to-patient advice on navigating the complicated landscape of cancer care (and its costs).

The Three Steps of Genetic Testing

November 14th 2018

A patient advocate goes through the three steps of genetic testing.

The Sugar-Cancer Connection

October 31st 2018

For years, there has been much debate over whether or not sugar fuels cancer.

Banding Together to Fight Breast Cancer

October 31st 2018

It is important for those facing a cancer diagnosis to support one another.

Post-Mastectomy Tattooing: A Personal Decision

October 29th 2018

For some breast cancer survivors, 3D nipple tattooing is the right choice. Others may turn to body art or choose to do nothing at all.

The Biggest Cosmic Joke: Keeping Your Sense of Humor During Cancer

October 17th 2018

Despite being diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma, a cancer of the bile duct, Maria Falzone, a safe sex speaker and comedienne, maintains her sense of humor.

Know Your Family's Health History

October 12th 2018

After testing positive for the BRCA mutation, Pulaski has become an advocate and authored a book titled “Mom’s Genes,” which focuses on starting the conversation with children about their family’s health history.