Open Mic Showcase Continues Highlight the Talents of Cancer Survivors


The second installment of CURE®’s Open Mic Showcase features cancer survivors performing original songs, showcasing a handmade deck of cards and reading poetry.

Research has shown that art can help ease psychological distress in patients with cancer — it can also help patients connect with others who may be going through a similar experience. In light of fostering that connection for survivors, CURE® launched its first Open Mic Showcase, where patients, survivors and caregivers showed their talent — from original songwriting to poetry reading and more — in an act that relates to their cancer experience.

This is the second of three installments of the Open Mic Showcase. If you missed the first, find it here: Open Mic Showcase Debut Puts Cancer Survivors, Patients in the Spotlight

(0:48) Our first video of the day comes from Nancy King, who wrote and performed a song, “Cry Cry My Heart, But Do Not Break.” After being diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2021, she said she underwent seven surgeries and 15 Bacillus Calmette Guerin (BCG) treatments. The song is reflective of her experience.

(5:01) The second performance is from Michelle Gauer, a psychic medium, author and stage 4 lung cancer survivor.

Michelle created a 44-card deck of cards that reflected the themes of what she went through during her cancer experience. She hopes that the cards will provide spiritual guidance and support to others who are going through similar experiences.

(8:58) Next John Smelcer, a non-Hodgkin lymphoma survivor and CURE® contributor, read two poems from his poetry collection, “Running from the Reaper” about his experience with stage 2 disease.

(12:27) In the spirit of CURE® contributors and poets, another one of our bloggers, Felicia Mitchell, will read her poem, “Bald Felicia” about a mother-daughter duo’s experience. In the poem, the daughter is imagining what might have gone on in her mother’s head late in her journey with dementia, while the daughter, meanwhile, is going through cancer.

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