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FDA Lifts Hold on Trial Investigating Novel Drug in Patients With High-Risk Breast Cancer

July 14th 2022

The FDA has permitted the manufacturer of a novel drug to continue a phase 3 clinical trial investigating the effects of treatment with a novel drug in patients with HER2/neu-positive primary breast cancer.

Sometimes the Reality of Cancer Gets Lost in Translation

July 13th 2022

When a friend with metastatic breast cancer said that her cancer responded to treatment and she was excited to stop taking daily pills, I thought that something must have been miscommunicated to her.

I'm a 'Cancer Long-Hauler'

July 8th 2022

I typically don’t use cancer labels, such as “survivor” or “thriver,” but when I heard about COVID-19 “long-haulers,” the term resonated with me.

Novel Breast Cancer Drug Meets Main Goal of Eliciting Treatment Responses

July 8th 2022

Treatment with praluzatamab ravtansine improved outcomes in some patients with breast cancer, though one expert noted further study of the drug is needed.

Lymphedema Lessons for Summer Travels

July 7th 2022

I did not wear my prosthetic breast for my son’s wedding, but I did pack some lymphedema essentials for my trip.

Cancer and Diabetes Made Me a ‘Master of Chronic Disorders’

July 6th 2022

After decades of dealing with type 1 diabetes, I was taking care of my ailing parents when I received a breast cancer diagnosis.

There Are Events That Are Worse Than Cancer

July 6th 2022

At a neighbor’s funeral, I realized that people have their own hardships, too, and there is a time and a place to discuss my cancer diagnosis.

One Outstanding Oncology Nurse

July 3rd 2022

This past year amid the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted just how extraordinary and wonderful Anne Draxl, B.S.N., RN, is for our practice.

The Power of Being Grateful Through Cancer’s Hardships

July 1st 2022

As I reflect on the month of June, I see it as my “rebirth,” as four years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer, and my life has not been the same ever since.

Popular Minecraft Creator and YouTuber, Technoblade, Dies of Rare Cancer, ‘General Hospital’ Star Discusses Life After Cancer and More

July 1st 2022

From “General Hospital” star Cameron Mathison discussing his cancer experience to Dame Deborah James and Hells Angels founder Sonny Barger dying of the disease, here’s what happened in the cancer space this week.

Could Supply Chain Issues Negatively Impact Cancer Care?

June 30th 2022

When I noticed the bare shelves in a recent trip to the grocery store, I started to think about how supply chain issues might impact cancer care.

‘Jeopardy!’ Champion Christine Whelchel Recalls Why She Removed Her Wig on National TV

June 30th 2022

In less than a year, Christine Whelchel went from receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer to becoming a trailblazing “Jeopardy!” champion.

5 FDA Cancer Drug Approvals for Solid Tumors That Patients May Have Missed

June 29th 2022

Here is a roundup of cancer treatments that were approved by the FDA in the spring of 2022 that patients may have missed.

Thanks for the Mammaries: An Ode to My Prosthetic Breast

June 29th 2022

After seven years, my prosthetic breast, “Rightie,” sprung a leak and needed to be replaced.

Standing on My Hereditary Cancer Awareness and Prevention Soapbox

June 28th 2022

When participating in FORCE’s Virtual Advocacy Day, it was difficult for me not to go off-script, as anger welled up inside me.

New Resource ‘Empowers’ Patients With Breast Cancer That Has Spread to the Brain With Much Needed Information

June 27th 2022

Receiving a diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer that has spread to the brain can be a frightening time for patients, however a new resource may help guide them through the stressful journey.

There Shouldn’t Be a First Class and Economy Class When It Comes to Life-Saving Cancer Treatments

June 24th 2022

I can’t imagine my daughter not getting important cancer treatments because we could not afford it or because insurance denied it. Unfortunately, that is the situation for many patients.

Robin Roberts Provides an Update on Her Partner’s Cancer, Supreme Court Rejects Bayer’s Roundup Appeals and More

June 24th 2022

From Robin Roberts’ personal message about her partner, Amber Laign’s cancer, to a dancing group inspired by an “America’s Got Talent” contestant who died of cancer, here’s what is happening in the cancer space this week.

Hope for a Cancer Cure Is on the Horizon

June 23rd 2022

Recent clinical trial results have given me new hope that one day soon, a cure for all cancers will be found.

Patients With Metastatic Breast Cancer Should Be in the Driver's Seat for Their Treatment Planning

June 23rd 2022

In CURE®’s “Speaking Out” video series, on behalf of Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Dr. Nancy Lin discusses treatment planning for brain metastases in breast cancer and how patients can take part in driving their care.

A Place for Cancer Survivors to Find Hope...and Cheese

June 22nd 2022

I was lucky to find a cancer resource center that offered support groups, free wigs and plenty more — including delicious luncheons for survivors and their families.

Team Sunshine: How Sharing My Cancer Story Filled My Cup

June 21st 2022

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, I struggled to discuss what was going on, but once I started a blog, the sunshine began to pour in.

We Need To Talk About Cancer and Breast Health Before Age 40

June 20th 2022

People are always shocked when I tell them I am a breast cancer survivor, highlighting the need to discuss the fact that people under the age of 40 can be diagnosed, too.

I’ve Finally Allowed Myself ‘Bitter Resentment’ Over My Brother’s Death from Cancer

June 20th 2022

It has been 46 years since my brother died of cancer, and I have finally reached the “bitter resentment” stage of grief.

Some Older Women With Breast Cancer May Be Able To Avoid Chemotherapy, Study Finds

June 20th 2022

Recent study findings demonstrate that certain older women with breast cancer may be able to skip chemotherapy after treatment with endocrine therapy.

Two Angels of Oncology

June 18th 2022

I hope every patient and their family can feel the caring that two angels standing by a shoulder can bring.

This Father’s Day, I’m Celebrating Cancer Previvorship, Too

June 17th 2022

My daughter is a cancer “previvor” because she inherited a cancer gene from her mother, so this Father’s Day, I’m celebrating her, too.

My Experience With Medical Upselling

June 16th 2022

After surviving cancer, I knew what medical upselling looked like, and experienced it firsthand when a clinician tried to send me for more tests than I felt necessary.

Spreading the News About My Daughter’s Cancer Was Harder Than I Thought

June 15th 2022

Telling friends and family about a cancer diagnosis can be gut wrenching. Here’s how I did it.

As We Enter a New Era of Cancer Treatment, I’m Taking Caution in Headlines Highlighting a Cure

June 14th 2022

Recent headlines have been highlighting a monoclonal antibody that eliminated evidence of disease in patients with rectal cancer, but I believe that findings from the research need to be taken with a few grains of caution.