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Cholesterol-Lowering Medication May Increase Survival In Breast Cancer

August 30th 2021

Women with breast cancer may benefit from statin therapy after diagnosis, but more research is needed, one study reported.

Pharma Company Pulls Tecentriq Regimen for Metastatic Breast Cancer

August 27th 2021

Tecentriq plus chemotherapy did not meet the determined progression-free survival goal, so Genentech – the manufacturer of the immunotherapy agent – decided to pull the indication.

Finding Support After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

August 27th 2021

CURE spoke with Maimah Karmo, founder and CEO of the Tigerlily Foundation, about support after a breast cancer diagnosis.

Educating Patients With Breast Cancer on Aspects Outside of Treatment

August 27th 2021

CURE spoke with Maimah Karmo, founder and CEO of the Tigerlily Foundation, about aspects outside of breast cancer treatment, like financial toxicity, psychosocial effects and more.

Addressing Disparities in Breast Cancer

August 27th 2021

CURE spoke with Maimah Karmo, founder and CEO of the Tigerlily Foundation, about disparities in breast cancer care, and how they are being addressed.

Joining a Breast Cancer Clinical Trial

August 27th 2021

On behalf of TigerLilly Foundation, CURE spoke with Dr. Andrea Phillips about clinical trials in breast cancer.

Understanding HER2-Positive Breast Cancer: Diagnosis, Testing and More

August 27th 2021

On behalf of TigerLilly Foundation, CURE spoke with Dr. Angelique Richardson, from UCSD Health, about HER2-positive breast cancer.

What Cancer Has Taken

August 19th 2021

A breast cancer survivor expresses her emotions in a poem about all that cancer has taken from her.

Sleep Behavioral Therapy May Relieve ‘Highly Debilitating’ Headache Burden in Breast Cancer Survivors

August 19th 2021

Patients with breast cancer are advised to get regular sleep, exercise often, stay hydrated and eat healthy and nutritious foods to prevent “highly debilitating” headaches, according to an expert from Stanford University School of Medicine.

Acupuncture May Reduce Pain Levels in Patients with Breast Cancer

August 18th 2021

Twelve weeks of acupuncture treatment in certain patients with early-stage breast cancer resulted in a long-term reduction of pain levels.

Advice for Future Patients and Caregivers in TNBC

August 17th 2021

Latasha Jordan and Aditya Bardia, M.D., MPH, share advice for patients and caregivers on the importance of a positive outlook and attitude when living with triple-negative breast cancer.

Social Support Systems for Patients With TNBC

August 17th 2021

A triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) survivor, Latasha Jordan, considers the positive impact her support network has had on her treatment; and Aditya Bardia, M.D., MPH, emphasizes the importance of social support systems for patients with TNBC.

Safety and Efficacy of Sacituzumab Govitecan

August 17th 2021

Latasha Jordan discusses her experience in a clinical trial with sacituzumab govitecan and comments on the side effects she experienced as well as the overall impact on her quality of life.

The ASCENT 3 Trial of Sacituzumab Govitecan for TNBC

August 17th 2021

An expert oncologist highlights the importance of discussing clinical trial options with patients and comments on the recent FDA approval of sacituzumab govitecan in triple-negative breast cancer based on the ASCENT 3 trial.

Considerations for Referral After Progression of TNBC

August 17th 2021

A patient with triple-negative breast cancer, Latasha Jordan, reflects on the mental and emotional challenges she faced when she learned of her disease progression and shares her positive experience with physician referral thereafter.

Active Surveillance for Disease Progression in TNBC

August 17th 2021

A leader in breast oncology and a triple-negative breast cancer survivor discuss the role of active surveillance for post-surgical disease progression and emphasize the importance of support from health care providers after recurrence.

Surgical Options for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

August 17th 2021

Aditya Bardia, M.D., MPH, and triple-negative breast cancer survivor, Latasha Jordan, discuss the importance of shared decision-making when considering mastectomy or lumpectomy and radiation for triple-negative breast cancer.

Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy for TNBC

August 17th 2021

Latasha Jordan discusses her experience with neoadjuvant chemotherapy, and an expert in the management of breast cancer, Aditya Bardia, M.D., MPH, reviews common side events associated with systemic treatment.

'Scorch,' A Poem About Cancer

August 17th 2021

"There is a ferocious fire that makes me restless," writes a two-time cancer survivor in a poem about her experiences with breast cancer.

The Unique Dynamic of a Mother-Daughter Cancer-Caregiver Relationship

August 12th 2021

In this episode of the “CURE® Talks Cancer” podcast, the hosts of the ‘Stage 4 Clinger’ podcast share the story of their cancer and caregiver journeys and how it led to the conception of their podcast.

Push Down, Turn: Phases of Treatment for Cancer

August 9th 2021

A woman writes about the feeling of ambivalence that comes with each milestone in the treatment journey for her breast cancer.

One Cancer Survivor Plans on Improving Her Health After COVID-19

August 7th 2021

A breast cancer survivor lists 5 steps that she will take to get her health back on track.

Looking Forward: Patients With Genetic Mutations Are Empowered to Make Plans

August 6th 2021

Knowing they’ve inherited a genetic mutation for stomach or breast cancer gives patients the power to plan ahead.

Realizing My Daughter Is Here Because of Luck

August 5th 2021

A caregiver writes about her daughter’s breast cancer odds. “One of the most difficult things I deal with on a daily basis is realizing that I didn’t have to say goodbye to my child because of luck,” she writes.

Susan G. Komen® Launches “Stand For H.E.R.”, A Health Equity Revolution To Improve Breast Cancer Outcomes In The Black Community

August 4th 2021

Initiative Spurred by New Report Detailing Systemic Racism and Barriers to Care in the 10 Metro Areas in the U.S. Experiencing Greatest Disparities

Metastatic Breast Cancer: We Are the Cheated

August 3rd 2021

A woman living with metastatic breast cancer writes a poem about her reality.

Perhaps a Pearl: An Experience That Led to Meeting Another Breast Cancer Survivor

July 31st 2021

A woman dedicates a poem to the experience of meeting a fellow breast cancer survivor.

Inaccurate Information on Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Common on Social Media Sites

July 30th 2021

Articles containing misinformation on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter were more likely to be shared and liked than those with accurate information.

Researchers Identify Biomarker to Predict Immunotherapy Response in Patients With Breast Cancer

July 28th 2021

The Major Histocompatibility Complex Class II protein has potential to predict immunotherapy benefit in two types of breast cancer.

FDA Approves Keytruda/Chemo for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

July 27th 2021

The approval of the immunotherapy agent “has the potential to change the treatment paradigm” in high-risk, early-stage TNBC.