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BBC’s ‘EastEnders’ Star Announces Cancer Diagnosis, Leukemia Survivor Embarks on Nation-Wide Bike Ride to Diversify Transplantation Donors and More

August 12th 2022

From “EastEnders” star Samantha Womack announcing her breast cancer diagnosis in a tribute to Olivia Newton-John to a famous fashion designer’s death from liver cancer, here’s what’s happening in the oncology space this week.

Crying Over a Movie, Cancer and Lost Innocence

August 11th 2022

“Love Story,” the story about a young woman who falls in love and then dies of cancer, affects me differently now than it did when I was a teenager and no experience with either love or cancer.

FDA Grants Priority Review to Investigational Drug for a Subtype of Advanced or Metastatic Breast Cancer

August 11th 2022

The FDA’s decision to grant the investigational drug elacestrant a priority review for patients with ER-positive, HER2-negative advanced or metastatic breast cancer was based on data that showed the treatment bested standard-of-care in terms of improving survival.

Expert Advises Patients With Breast Cancer They Can Forgo Certain Supplements

August 10th 2022

Many patients with breast cancer ask about the benefits of the supplement sulforaphane, but a naturopathic doctor advises patients that it is best to get the compound from food rather than supplements.

Honoring Olivia Newton-John, My Cancer Icon

August 9th 2022

Hearing the news of Olivia Newton-John’s death shocked me. I’d loved this lady since the early 70s. But shock wasn’t the only emotion I faced — along with it came overwhelming sadness and fear.

Olivia Newton-John Dies Decades After Receiving a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

August 8th 2022

Actress/musician Olivia Newton-John has died after a long bout with breast cancer.

Cancer Is Like a Hula Hoop, and I Need to Stay Inside My Circle

August 8th 2022

It’s hard to watch other people fight cancer, but I must remember to stay inside my safe zone — my hula hoop — and only run to aid them when they ask.

Few Patients With Breast Cancer Are Educated on Treatments' Affects on Sexual Health

August 8th 2022

Although very few patients are informed about the effects that breast cancer treatments may have on their sexual health, many patients expressed wanting that information throughout all stages of their treatment, according to study findings.

An Online Group Helped Me Get Rid of Post-Mastectomy Items I Didn’t Need

August 5th 2022

I made too many late-night purchases for things that I thought I’d need after my mastectomy. Thankfully, the STOMP group helped me get rid of some of these items.

FDA Approves Enhertu for HER2-Low Metastatic Breast Cancer

August 5th 2022

The Food and Drug Administration approved Enhertu for the treatment of unresectable or metastatic HER2-low breast cancer — marking the first targeted drug for this newly defined breast cancer subtype.

Does My Cancer Give Me a Pass at Patience?

August 4th 2022

When my grandmother passed, I noticed my aunt was ruder than usual, and I wondered if I was like that during my cancer experience... and if the pain I was going through excused that behavior.

Most Women Unaware of Screening Recommendations to Detect Possible Rupture After Receiving Silicone Breast Implants

August 3rd 2022

Findings from a recently published study demonstrated that only a small percentage of women — all with breast cancer — who received silicone breast implants underwent the recommended screening to assess for potential ruptures.

Loving People in My Life Could Not Handle My Daughter’s Cancer

August 3rd 2022

Despite how caring they may be, certain people in our life had a difficult time being there for the realities of my daughter’s cancer experience.

Coffee and Tea Consumption Are Not Associated With Harmful Quality of Life, Survival Outcomes Among Breast Cancer Survivors

August 3rd 2022

The findings add to a growing body of literature that demonstrate coffee and/or tea consumption is not detrimental to breast cancer survivors, according to the study authors.

Losing My Hair Helped Me Empathize With Others

August 2nd 2022

Losing my hair from breast cancer treatments was an emotional experience for me and helped me empathize with others who also lost their hair.

I Wouldn’t Be Me Without My Oncology Nurse

July 30th 2022

I felt her authenticity and her genuine care for me. I felt safe.

‘I Like to Move It’: How Exercise Helped Me Fight Fatigue and Feel Better After Breast Cancer

July 28th 2022

I was feeling fatigued after undergoing breast cancer treatment, but once I started walking multiple times a week, I noticed that I felt much better.

Drawing Was a ‘Creative Reprieve’ During My Wife’s Cancer

July 27th 2022

Drawing helped me stay grounded while my wife was going through cancer treatment.

Snake Oil Salesmen Prey on Cancer Survivors and Their Loved Ones

July 26th 2022

It baffles me that people take advantage of patients with cancer by peddling fake cures.

Hormone-Replacement Therapy Is Not Associated With Increased Risk for Death in Patients With Breast Cancer, New Study Results Show

July 26th 2022

Hormone-replacement therapy did not increase chances of death in patients with breast cancer, but certain patient groups may have a higher chance of recurrence from the treatment.

Oral Chemo-Novel Drug Combo Elicits Better Outcomes in Patients With Metastatic Breast Cancer

July 25th 2022

The use of oral paclitaxel and encequidar induced superior outcomes in a group of patients with metastatic breast cancer, compared with paclitaxel delivered intravenously.

My Race With Cancer Made Me Appreciate Every Day

July 25th 2022

Surviving cancer made me thankful for each day. After all, the human lifespan is limited.

FDA Grants Enhertu a Priority Review for Metastatic HER2-Low Breast Cancer

July 25th 2022

If approved, Enhertu may “redefine how we classify and treat metastatic breast cancer,” according to a representative from the drug’s manufacturer.

Patient Advocacy at ASCO 2022

July 22nd 2022

This year, I returned to the American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting, where I heard about the latest advancements in cancer care, as well as met with fellow patients and advocates.

FDA to Expedite Review of Novel Drug in Subset of Metastatic Breast Cancer

July 21st 2022

Investigators are analyzing the novel drug, OP-1250, both as a single-agent treatment option and in combination with Ibrance in patients with recurrent, locally advanced or metastatic ER-positive/HER2-negative breast cancer.

Rejecting Breast Reconstruction, Accepting Myself and Going Fabulously Flat

July 21st 2022

After experiencing complications from breast reconstruction, I’ve decided to go “fabulously flat” and evict my implants.

I Feel Empathy for Those Who Are Abandoned During Cancer

July 20th 2022

I would be devastated if my husband left me during my cancer experience. Unfortunately, that is a reality for some people.

My Oncologist Treated Me Like Family

July 18th 2022

At first, I was apprehensive about a male doctor treating my breast cancer, but I soon realized that he was treating me as he would his own family members — and that made me realize that I was in good hands.

I am Forever Grateful for All That Cancer Has Taught Me

July 18th 2022

Beyond its lessons, cancer has also brought, along with the fear and anxiety, a conviction to empower myself and to create a life that I deserve: One in which joy can triumph over that fear and that anxiety.

Backtracking Is Allowed in Cancer Care

July 15th 2022

If I make a wrong turn while hiking, I backtrack until I find my way again. I’ve decided that it’s OK to do the same thing when it comes to finding a cancer care team.