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Decades' Worth of Reconstruction Advancements Have Transformed the Lives of Many Patients Who Underwent Debilitating Cancer Treatments

March 10th 2022

Aesthetic appearances, according to an expert at the UCSF, are often important for patients following the surgical treatment of cancer. Advancements in this space over the past 20 years have allowed many to patients to look as normal as possible.

Novel Advancements Have Led to More Tailored Treatments of Brain Metastases in HER2-Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer

March 9th 2022

Over the past several years, multiple treatment advancements have given oncologists the ability to better target brain metastases in patients with HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer.

Personalized Breast Cancer Treatments ‘Allows Us to Start With a Less Toxic Therapy’

March 8th 2022

When early-stage breast cancer regimens are based on an individual patient’s risk, there may be an opportunity to improve outcomes while mitigating severe side effects, too.

Body Image After Breast Cancer: Regaining Confidence Takes Time

March 8th 2022

Sara Montiel shares her experience and how time helped her find the confidence she needed for herself and her young daughter

Can Reading Erotica Keep My Sexual Flame Burning After a Cancer Diagnosis?

March 7th 2022

Cancer took a toll on mine and my husband’s sex life, but after a great sexual encounter on New Year’s Eve, I wondered if adding erotica into our relationship might help keep that passion alive.

Why I Advocate During Lymphedema Awareness Month

March 6th 2022

I was frustrated when I developed lymphedema after my 2014 breast cancer surgery, but have since turned those negative feelings into advocacy for others who may be affected by the condition, too.

Newer and Unconventional Treatment Methods May Better Manage Breast Cancer Side Effects in the Future

March 4th 2022

From the use of anti-depressants to cryotherapy, researchers continue to explore potential ways to mitigate the side effects that are associated with breast cancer therapy.

There Must Be a Cause for My Daughter’s Cancer, Right?

March 4th 2022

As humans, we have an inherent need to know why everything happens in our life — including a cancer diagnosis. But unfortunately, that is not always the case.

‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Ditches Wig to Make Statement About Her Cancer, Children in Ukraine Evacuated to Neighboring Countries to Continue Cancer Treatment and More

March 4th 2022

From a “Jeopardy!” winner taking her wig off on the gameshow to childhood patients with cancer in Ukraine being bussed to neighboring countries to safely receive treatment, here’s what’s happening in the cancer space this week.

An Oncologist Steps ‘Further Into the Cancer World’ After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

March 3rd 2022

The most revealing thing that Dr. Bhuvaneswari Ramaswamy, a breast medical oncologist, learned during her own treatment for breast cancer was that despite having extraordinary family and medical support, she still felt very isolated.

Leptomeningeal Disease: A Rare Cancer Metastasis

March 2nd 2022

The number of people developing leptomeningeal disease is increasing for the same reason that diagnoses of brain metastases are on the rise: People are living longer, giving cancer more time to spread.

I’m Trying to Balance My Fears of COVID-19 With Returning to Routine Cancer Screenings and Health Care

March 2nd 2022

I’ve recently joined the masses in catching up with routine health care that was put off during the COVID-19 pandemic.

‘Tremendous Hope’ Surrounds Emerging Therapies for Cancer That has Spread to the Brain

March 1st 2022

Better therapies are on the horizon for cancer that has spread to the brain, including a clinical trial that matches patients with treatments based on unique genetic changes in brain metastases.

Ending Metastatic Breast Cancer for Everyone

February 26th 2022

Dr. Nancy U. Lin actors as a mentor for her patients, helping to guide them through the cancer experience, says her colleague Dr. Ines Vaz-Luis.

Here Are Some Tips to Help You Freeze Out Those Winter Blues and Seasonal Affective Disorder

February 25th 2022

As a cancer survivor, I know all too well the struggles with depression and sadness. Fold in those grey winter days and It makes for a disastrous recipe.

‘America’s Got Talent’ Contestant Jane ‘Nightbirdie’ Marczewski Dies 4 Years After Cancer Diagnosis, ‘Good Morning America’s’ Robin Roberts Announces Partner’s Cancer Diagnosis and More

February 25th 2022

From the death of “America’s Got Talent” contestant Jane “Nightbirdie” Marczewski to “Good Morning America” anchor Robin Roberts announcing her partners breast cancer diagnosis, here’s what’s happening in the cancer space this week.

Although Cancer Can Damage Body Image, One Survivor Sought to 'Love Herself From the Inside'

February 24th 2022

Sara Montiel says she experienced severe body image issues after her breast cancer diagnosis and subsequent double mastectomy, but she now recalls how she learned to realize how cancer was a blessing.

My Daughter Chose When — and How — She Was Going to Lose Her Hair to Cancer

February 24th 2022

Chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer would likely cause my daughter to lose her hair, but instead of waiting for her locks to fall out on their own, she took matters into her own hands.

Combatting Chemo with Kindness While Facing TNBC at the Age of 28

February 24th 2022

The 16-week challenge was simple: do something kind each week during my chemo treatment and tell me about it on social media. The goal was ambitious: 1,600 acts.

Enhertu Outperforms Chemotherapy in HER2-Low Unresectable/Metastatic Breast Cancer

February 23rd 2022

Treatment with Enhertu was associated with improved survival across several subgroups of patients with metastatic breast cancer, compared with standard-of-care chemotherapy.

I’m a Male Breast Cancer Survivor and My ‘Breast Cancer Sisters’ Helped Me Get Through It

February 23rd 2022

Getting men to talk about their breast health is like fishing in an under-stocked pond, so I turn to the advice of my breast cancer sisters.

Advancing Outcomes and Quality of Life for Patients With Metastatic Cancer

February 23rd 2022

Dr. Nancy U. Lin dedicated her life to improving outcomes for patients with metastatic breast cancer. In this essay, a colleague honors her hard work.

Compassionate Guidance Through a Cancer Clinical Trial

February 21st 2022

"Because of his supportive rapport with his patients, his name often has come up in our local support group, resulting in everyone wishing they had 'a Gil,'" a cancer survivor wrote of a clinical trial research nurse.

Cancer Survivorship and the ‘Patient Patient’

February 21st 2022

A look at a survivor's survivorship appointment and how being a “patient patient” helps tackle anxiety.

Turning Sorrow Into Joy: The Oncologist Who Gave My Life Back

February 20th 2022

A woman with metastatic breast cancer pens a heartfelt tribute to the oncologist who saved her life and approached her care with empathy and encouragement.

Trailblazer, Advocate, Innovator and Clinician For Patients With Metastatic Breast Cancer

February 19th 2022

A colleague recognizes the generosity, humility and grace of a metastatic breast cancer expert who has led many practice-changing trials and programs to help as many patients as she can.

More Than a Hero: My Mom’s Cancer Doctor Made It Possible For Her to Watch Me Grow Up

February 18th 2022

When I first learned about my mom’s breast cancer, I was just a toddler — but thanks to her incredible oncologist, my mom is here to see to me grow up.

A Pioneer of Metastatic Breast Cancer Research Who Never Gives up on Patients

February 17th 2022

A surgical oncologist honors an admirable doctor in the field who refuses to falter in the face of challenges in order to do exhaust every opportunity possible to improve the lives of patients with metastatic breast cancer.

More Than Just a Colleague: An Inspiring Individual Fighting for Patients With Metastatic Breast Cancer

February 16th 2022

A woman with breast cancer honors a colleague for her inspirational work to better the lives of patients with metastatic breast cancer, mentor others and inspire meaningful change.

Daily Aspirin Use Failed to Improve Breast Cancer Outcomes, Led to ‘Slightly Worse Survival’ Than Placebo

February 16th 2022

A large study of women with HER2-negative breast cancer showed that daily aspirin use had no effect on breast cancer outcomes.