When Cancer Treatment Leads to a Secondary Cancer: Survivor Shares Her Story of Angiosarcoma


Seven years after completing breast cancer treatment, Angelia Carpenter was shocked to discover she had angiosarcoma, a rare cancer that may have been associated with her breast cancer treatment.

When Angelia Carpenter was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma in 2009, she thought she knew what to expect. After all, her mother was diagnosed with the same cancer just four years ago. She went to the doctor and followed the recommended steps.

But everything changed seven years later, when she noticed what she thought was just a pimple on her breast.

In this week’s episode of “Cancer Horizons,” the 62-year-old Missouri resident recounts her experience of being diagnosed with secondary angiosarcoma after undergoing breast cancer treatment, traveling to multiple oncologists to seek treatment for her extremely rare cancer, writing a book with her family about her experiences and more.

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