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Number of Cancerous Lymph Nodes May Predict Head and Neck Cancer Survival

March 1st 2018

A variety of factors go in to the staging of a head and neck cancer diagnosis, however, the number of malignant lymph nodes may very well be the key to prognosis and treatment moving forward in this patient population.

NCCN Establishes Guidelines for Treating People With HIV and Cancer

February 27th 2018

Treatment of HIV has drastically improved since the 1980s, but many of these individuals are still facing barriers to proper cancer care.

Please Don't Tell a Widow to 'Get Over It'

February 26th 2018

There are people out there who have never dealt with a devastating loss, yet apparently are experts when it comes to losing a spouse.

Exploring Therapeutic Vaccine in Head and Neck Cancer

February 26th 2018

Joshua Bauml, M.D., assistant professor, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, discusses the potential of therapeutic vaccine in patients who have head and neck cancer.

Let's Get Physical

February 23rd 2018

Physical therapy can boost quality of life for patients with cancer, but it isn’t always prescribed.

Tailored Survivorship Care Plans May Help Manage Late-Term Side Effects

February 18th 2018

Tailored survivorship care plans (SCPs) may be beneficial for survivors of head and neck cancer, according to recent research.

Depression Worsens Outcomes in Head and Neck Cancer, But Not All Hope Is Lost

February 17th 2018

A recent study showed that patients with head and neck cancer who had greater depressive symptoms had shorter survival, higher rates of chemoradiation interruption and poorer treatment response. However, there are ways to manage these symptoms.

Drug Shows Promise in Reducing Oral Mucositis in Patients With Head and Neck Cancer

January 11th 2018

Oral mucositis causes pain, the inability to eat which can also lead to nutritional problems, and an increased risk for infection as a result of open sores. In turn, these symptoms can lead to reduced quality of life, chemotherapy or radiation dose-limiting, and increased treatment costs from antibiotics or narcotics or additional or longer hospital stays.

Cancer Care Is a Matter of Opinions

January 9th 2018

Looking back in 2018, I am so glad that we sought out the other opinions. Nerve wracking as it was, the process opened up other options we would not have known about.

Inner-Ear Buildup of Cisplatin May Cause Hearing Loss

January 5th 2018

“As the population of cancer survivors continues to grow, so does the importance of addressing the long-term sequelae of cancer treatment,” the authors wrote. “This hearing loss can result in multifaceted decrease in quality of life, and in pediatric patients it can impact social and academic development.”

Managing Advanced Lung Cancer in the Future

November 13th 2017

Treatment Challenges in Advanced Lung Cancer

November 13th 2017

Side Effect Management in Advanced Lung Cancer

November 13th 2017

Promising Cancer Therapies in Advanced Lung Cancer

November 13th 2017

Palliative Care in Advanced Lung Cancer

November 13th 2017

Patients Suffering From Cachexia Need Nutritional Support

October 30th 2017

Nutrition plays a crucial role in the lives of people with cancer. But more than a million people suffering from the disease in the United States also endure a wasting syndrome called cachexia.

Author Talks About the Steps Leading Up to His Cancer Diagnosis

September 13th 2017

Michael D. Becker, cancer survivor and author of “A Walk With Purpose: Memoir of a Bioentrepreneur” discusses how he realized that he had head and neck cancer.

Immunotherapy Agent Improves Quality of Life in Head and Neck Cancer

July 14th 2017

Patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) saw an improvement or stabilization in quality of life when they were treated with Opdivo.

Drug Pair is Active in Melanoma and Head and Neck Cancer

June 7th 2017

Patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck (SCCHC) and those with melanoma saw some promising activity with the drug combination of epacadostat and Opdivo (nivolumab), according to findings from the phase 1/2 ECHO-204 study presented at the 2017 ASCO Annual Meeting.

Expert Talks Smoking Cessation for Survivors of Head and Neck Cancer

May 22nd 2017

Smoking is a risk factor for a number of different types of head and neck cancers, but quitting is not always easy.

Expert Sheds Light on Investigative Surgical Approaches in Head and Neck Cancer

May 4th 2017

Minimally invasive approaches are being explored to lower associated adverse events and, overall, improve patient outcomes for patients with head and neck cancer.

The New Key Player in Head and Neck Cancer Care

March 27th 2017

As the treatment landscape of head and neck cancer has changed significantly over the past year, immunotherapy has emerged as a key player in patient care.

Lymph Nodes Can Be Used to Plan Treatment for Head and Neck Cancer

February 27th 2017

The number of positive lymph nodes can help guide treatment for locally advanced head and neck cancer, according to a recent study.

Video Conferences May Be Effective in Nutritional Intervention of High-Risk Patients With Cancer

February 25th 2017

"Telenutrition" programs can help high-risk patients who do not otherwise have access to a registered dietician, according to a recent study and program launched at the Carolinas HealthCare System.

Novel Approach Aims at Improving Survival in Laryngeal Cancer

February 15th 2017

Researchers at the University of Michigan are hoping to improve the survival rates for laryngeal cancer.

NFL Star Discusses Staying "Kelly Tough" Through Cancer

January 25th 2017

NFL Hall of Famer Jim Kelly discusses how cancer touched his family and his involvement in Your Cancer Game Plan.

Predicting HPV+ Oropharyngeal Cancer Recurrence With Novel Biomarker

January 18th 2017

There is a need to find biomarkers that may help predict recurrence in HPV+ oropharyngeal cancer, says Matthew E. Spector, M.D.

SPOHNC Focuses on Support for Oral, Head and Neck Cancer

January 13th 2017

From publications to one-on-one interactions, SPOHNC offers caregivers, patients and survivors of oral, head and neck cancer support they need to navigate their diagnosis.

In Managing the Emotional Challenges of Head and Neck Cancer, Communication is Key

January 7th 2017

CURE spoke with Carly O’Brien about some of the best tips and resources to deal with some of the challenges of head and neck cancer.

Checkpoint Inhibitors Expected to Play a Growing Role in Head and Neck Cancer Treatment

January 5th 2017

Immunotherapy agents are drastically changing the treatment landscape – and outcomes – of patients with head and neck cancers.