The Integration of Complementary Cancer Care May ‘Accelerate’ in Coming Years, Says Patrick Dempsey

Actor and cancer advocate Patrick Dempsey predicts that more focus will be put on complementary cancer care, such as nutrition and environmental factors, over the next several years.

The future of cancer care may revolve around a more integrative approach, according to actor, producer and cancer advocate, Patrick Dempsey.

Dempsey, who delivered the keynote address at CURE®’s 2022 Extraordinary Healer® award for oncology nursing ceremony, also mentioned that mental health will also continue to be a bigger focus in oncology as well.


I think the health care providers are going to be big (players in) how we approach caring for patients, and in hospitals in general can be much more specific. You’re starting to see that already.

And the integration complementary care, understanding that nutrition, environment, all of those things are going to … see an acceleration in the next 20 years of how we approach it.

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