A 3-time Neuroblastoma Survivor Reflects on How Childhood Cancer Has Changed Over the Past 10 Years

Ten years after being diagnosed with cancer, 11-year-old, 3-time neuroblastoma survivor Micah Bernstein and her father, Jeff, discuss how childhood cancer has changed over the past decade.

On the final day of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, CURE® revisited Micah Bernstein, an 11-year-old, three-time survivor of neuroblastoma, whom we last interviewed in 2018.

In this episode of “Cancer Horizons”, Micah and her father, Jeff, provide an update on their lives since 2018, discuss how the childhood cancer space has changed over the past 10 years, their ongoing advocacy efforts and partnering with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation to raise over $100,000 for neuroblastoma awareness and research.

While Micah continues to use her voice to help other children with cancer, she said she also hopes to carve an identity for herself outside of cancer as a “normalish” child who eats snack food, plays clarinet and works on a novel. She shares tips for dealing with fears of cancer recurrence, what she wishes people knew about childhood cancer survivors and more.

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