First Biosimilar to Treat Cancer Gets FDA Approval
BY Jason Harris
The Food and Drug Administration approved the first ever biosimilar to treat a variety of cancers.
Senate Releases Plan for Repealing Affordable Care Act, as Cancer Advocates Weigh In
BY Allie Casey
This morning, Senate Republican leaders released the draft of a bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).
More Early Cancers Diagnosed After the Affordable Care Act
BY Allie Casey
After the Affordable Care Act was passed, a study found that there were more stage 1 cancer diagnoses across the nation.
Many Women Are Not Up to Date With Pap Tests
BY Danielle Bucco
Pap smears are an important test that can detect cervical cancer, but unfortunately many women are not up to date with their testing. 
Making Waves: Improving Radiation in Gynecologic Oncology
BY Meeri Kim, Ph.D.
Improvements to radiation therapy aim to better target gynecologic tumors while sparing healthy tissue.
Examining Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Cervical Cancer Treatment
BY Angelica Welch
A recent study investigated racial and ethnic disparities in guideline-based care for cervical cancer.
Lowering GI Toxicities in Gynecologic Cancers
BY Angelica Welch
Intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) proved to lower the incidence of gastrointestinal toxicities in patients with gynecologic malignancies, according to the results from a recent study.
Study Examines Racial Disparities in Cervical Cancer Death Rates
BY Allie Strickler
A racial disparity exists among patients who die from cervical cancer, according to the results from a recent study.
As HPV-Related Cancer Rates Rise, Vaccination Numbers Remain Low
BY Allie Strickler
From stigma to convenience, there are many reasons why people do not get the HPV vaccine, although it can prevent some types of cancer. Lois Ramondetta, M.D., discusses updated recommendations and hopes for getting more young people vaccinated.
Researchers Found a New Cervical Cancer Subtype
BY Allie Strickler
A new subtype of cervical cancer was found that does not express the HPV oncogene.
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