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Mantle Cell Lymphoma

Ryan McDonald
“We learned from previous prospective studies (that) using chemoimmunotherapy for those patients with TP53 aberrations, the survival data compared with others that do not harbor this mutation are much less favorable,” said Dr. Jia Ruan.
Ryan McDonald
“It is important to note that the data predates the widespread use of BTK inhibitors and even cellular therapies such as CAR T-cell therapy, specifically,” Dr. Reem Karmali said in an interview. “And so, it doesn't reliably reflect the potential advancements and survival that we've been able to achieve with these novel targeted therapies.”
CURE Staff
To commemorate National Cancer Survivors Day on June 7, CURE® invited its readers to share their encouraging stories of survival.
Ryan McDonald
“Altogether, this pharmacological data supports the concept of CAR T-cell therapy being able to overcome MCL disease with poor risk factors,” said lead study author Dr. Luhua (Michael) Wang.
Dr. Ian Flinn
“We now have second and third generation cousins of thalidomide that are very useful. So, lenalidomide in combination with rituximab is an effective therapy for mantle cell lymphoma that voids some of these adverse events that I’m talking about,” said Dr. Ian Flinn. Hear more about this treatment in his interview with CURE®
Dr. Ian Flinn
“I think we’re in a midst of a real shakeup in our treatment paradigms for patients with mantle cell lymphoma, or at least we will be in the next few years,” said Dr. Ian Flinn in an interview with CURE®.
Dr. Ian Flinn
The development of bispecific antibodies and antibody drug conjugates could be exciting advancements for patients with lymphomas, including mantle cell lymphoma, according to Dr. Ian Flinn.
Dr. Ian Flinn
Evidence shows that Bruton’s tyrosine kinase inhibitors, one of many targeted therapies, are highly effective in patients with mantle cell lymphoma.
Dr. Ian Flinn
The evolution of CAR T-cell therapy has been an exciting development for the treatment of all lymphomas, including mantle cell lymphoma, according to Dr. Ian Flinn.
Brielle Benyon
Precision medicine is improving outcomes for aggressive types of lymphomas, such as mantle cell lymphoma.

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