Cirmtuzumab Combinations Show Potential in Treatment of Mantle Cell Lymphoma


Dr. Lori A. Leslie discuses the potential of combination therapies with the emerging agent cirmtuzumab for patients with mantle cell lymphoma.

Cirmtuzumab may be just one of many emerging options in the treatment of mantle cell lymphoma (MCL), but it is also one of the more promising agents, particularly when used in combinations with other therapies, according to Dr. Lori A. Leslie.

Leslie, lymphoma attending physician at the John Theurer Cancer Center, recently sat down with OncLive®, CURE®’s sister publication, to discuss emerging therapies in MCL, such as Venclexta (venetoclax), a BCL-2 inhibitor that could potentially become a standard of care in the future.

Additionally, Leslie noted ongoing early studies have found the ROR1 inhibitor cirmtuzumab to be a promising, safe option when used in combination with Imbruvica (ibrutinib) in this patient population. As a result, researchers are interested to see what other agents the drug can be paired with to help improve patient outcomes.


So, mantle cell lymphoma has had an explosion of new agents available recently. I think, probably the next to hopefully find its way into standard of care will be the BCL-2 inhibitors, venetoclax, in particular.

I think further in development, or earlier in development, an exciting drug, is a ROR1 inhibitor, cirmtuzumab. That's been studied, or is being studied, in combination with ibrutinib, a BTK (inhibitor) in patients with CLL and mantle cell. And data from the mantle cell is very encouraging in terms of overall response rate. It's an easy to tolerate drug, it's well combined with BTK inhibitors.

So, I think that's something I'm certainly involved in, in some of the clinical studies, and very interested to see where that drug develops in mantle cell lymphoma. Not only there is some single agent activity, but it's well combined with BTK inhibitors and could be a very important part of future combination approaches.

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