Linda Baughn

Hometown: Eagan, Minnesota

I am currently a co-director of the clinical genomics laboratory at the Mayo Clinic, where I serve as a clinical cytogeneticist and molecular geneticist focusing on hematologic malignancies such as multiple myeloma. I am passionate about finding a cure for myeloma through translational research efforts and I am motivated to improve diagnostic testing approaches for patients with myeloma through assay development. I am grateful for my role as a laboratory geneticist, and I strive to support the patients and health care team in the best way possible.
I am familiar with the amazing tools that the MMRF has available to researchers focusing on multiple myeloma, including access to genomics and clinical data. I learned about the Moving Mountains for Multiple Myeloma from the MMRF website and read about the impressive activities coordinated by MM4MM in order to raise funds and awareness about myeloma. I signed up to be part of the Colorado Team so that I could directly raise funds to support the MMRF, challenge myself physically and mentally by participating in the Colorado Hike and most importantly, meet other individuals who have been touched by myeloma. As a laboratory geneticist, I do not directly interact with myeloma patients, even though the patients are always on my mind. Being part of this team is important to me since it will give me the opportunity to meet other individuals including myeloma patients and their caregivers. I am most looking forward to this connection, which will give me even greater meaning, understanding and passion to my role as a laboratory geneticist.

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