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Joel Topf

Joel Topf

Age: 48
Hometown: Huntington Woods, MI

Joel is a Nephrologist, or in layman's terms, a kidney doctor, from Huntington Woods, Michigan. His energy, light hearted humor, and expertise in his field have created an avid Twitter following (@Kidney_boy) online. Topf’s interest in the team stems from his love of hiking as well as his contact with many myeloma patients who sometimes suffer from kidney damage due to myeloma. Joel, as a nephrologist, is often the "first responder to the scene" when a patient comes in and gets their bloodwork done. His works leads him to notice the protein levels, hormone abnormalities, etc. that often are the tipping point to a myeloma diagnosis. For Joel, his great enthusiasm for being a part of the Moving Mountains for Multiple Myeloma program stems from his interest in helping patients be diagnosed sooner, and wanting to raise the funds necessary for such life-saving research.

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