Mount Everest Base Camp Climb2018

Ryan Wade

Ryan Wade

Age: 40
Hometown: Wayland, MA

For much of the past eight years, I’ve worked in the Corporate Communications department at Takeda Oncology, a company committed to discovering and developing treatments for patients with cancers such as multiple myeloma. I’m surrounded by many like-minded colleagues who are driven to find a cure for cancer. I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to meet people living with multiple myeloma and share their stories through my work in both design and communications. These stories motivate and inspire the people I work with and remind us that our work isn’t finished until a cure is found.

I’m excited to be part of the Moving Mountains for Multiple Myeloma Everest Base Camp team and honored to meet and climb alongside such passionate patients and caregivers. Since I was a smalI kid, our family vacations were almost always spent in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I still have vivid memories of those trips and created bonds with my friends and family that have lasted a lifetime. Those bonds are one of the reasons I love being on the trail, what I hope to share with my own daughters, and what I look forward to creating with our team.

In my college dorm room, I had a topographic poster of Mount Everest. To say it’s a dream to even see, much less hike to Base Camp is a gross understatement. The ability to do it while raising funds for important clinical research and raising awareness for this insidious disease is an honor.

I dedicate this climb to all those living with cancer whose dreams are unreachable.

Make a donation today and join us in supporting and uplifting those who are directly affected by myeloma.