Mount Fuji2017

Mitchell Happeney

Name: Mitchell Happeney

Age: 28

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH


Reason for climbing: My father is a multiple myeloma patient, this summer it will be nearly eight years since my father’s diagnosis of multiple myeloma. I will be climbing to support and raise awareness of multiple myeloma research within my community.

My story: In 2008, my father, Randy L. Happeney, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. For eight years, my family and friends have had the opportunity to spend time with my father. My father has participated in many multiple clinical trials and has preserved through many battles, both daily and acute. Though our family has had our ups and downs, he has lived by his mantra, “My mantra has always been that this diagnosis is not going to affect my day to day life. I have continued to work, travel and do the things I enjoy.” My father is living proof cancer research allows individuals to live by their own mantras.

Going forward, I will be preparing for the climb both mentally and physically. I have been running and hiking. The training has just begun, but I am looking forward to the challenge. Please support the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation!