Grand Canyon2016


Donna & Bud Cowan

Preparing for the Climb

December 31, 2015

This past week, we did a couple of great hikes in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California. Our first hike's destination was the Sorenson Bluffs, though we did not make it all the way. We were just short of the top and the snow was still covering the trail. It was a great hike, it was beautiful and the granite rocks ... well, boulders ... were incredible. Then, we hiked a trail following the Carson River through meadows and meandering through the woods. Both were on rough, uneven trails — a great experience from the city hikes we have been doing. We were glad we had invested in good boots and we used our walking sticks most of the time. We noticed a great difference in our breathing on our second hike.

Two years ago when my life looked bleak, who would have thought that I would be hiking the Grand Canyon — and why? First, to raise money for the MMRF to continue with research, to pay it forward for all they have done for me and for the many others with myeloma that I have met on my journey. It's my life I am hiking for, too; I want to do everything that I can to help me stay in good health.

We have been following the training schedule from "The Walking Connection" as close as possible to be ready to face the upcoming challenge. We are excited that we will be meeting the team next week. There will be two others who are dealing with myeloma, caregivers, loved ones, an oncology nurse, a scientist from Takeda Oncology who helped develop a new myeloma drug, a publisher and his wife and many others who have organized and put the Moving Mountains for Multiple Myeloma project together.

Next week when we see the magnificent Grand Canyon, we don't really know what to expect. No matter how far we go, we know we will do our best. It will be one of the most wondrous adventures ever.

- Donna

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