Grand Canyon2016


Griselda Marquez Demassey

I Am Doing This

December 31, 2015

It’s the eve of my trip, and I want you to know that:

I am doing this for my father.
I am doing this because, luckily, I can.
I am doing this for patients, now.
I am doing this for patients in the future.
I am doing this to raise money for a cure, and awareness of the progress that’s already been made.
I am doing this because my father wasn’t that lucky.
I am taking on this challenge because I want to feel alive.
I am doing this to be inspired by those who fight cancer every day of their life.
I am doing this as an offering of my healthy energy to promote the well-being, and possibility this disease will be cured.
I am leaving tomorrow for an experience that will undoubtedly change my life.

- Gri Demassey

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