Grand Canyon2016


Jennifer DeChello

Day After the Hike

December 31, 2015

It's the day after the hike! I'm feeling really good! I wasn't sure how the day after would be. Yes, some body pain and fatigue but nothing much to speak of.

It's hard to put into words everything you go through mentally during an event like this. There's the beauty of the Grand Canyon, which leaves you speechless and there's the beauty of the team hiking with you. The guides that were with my group took such good care of us. I didn't have to say a word and they knew exactly what I needed. Most of the time before I even knew what I needed! I had major concerns about the heat. I get really sick being in extreme heat for prolonged periods, which was a major concern for this hike. And trust me, it was hot. Really hot! They had all kinds of tricks to keep my body temperature down. They would find a tiny spot of shade (which is really hard to come by in the canyon) and I'd squeeze in there against the canyon wall for a few minutes and cool down. Plus, cold necks wraps, did the trick, and other than feeling sore, I did great. These people are incredible. Not just the patients ... I'm so amazed and humbled by these folks. They took the time to train, scheduled time away from work and family and ultimately hike the Grand Canyon, all to raise funds and awareness for a disease that I have! I hope they all know what that means to the three patients on this trip. Every penny gets us closer to a cure. A simple thank you will never be enough!

This hike capped off a year of uncertainty. A year that I can't erase and changed my life forever. I am beyond thankful and feel truly blessed to be here with my son and this special group of people. Thank you to the MMRF, CURE and Takeda for making this experience possible.

- Jen

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