Grand Canyon2016

Karuppiah Kannan

Name: Karuppiah Kannan

Age: 44

Hometown: Newton, MA

Why I’m Climbing for the MM4MM Team: It is not often that a scientist who works in the lab and develops the drugs gets to interact with the patients who benefit from the drugs. I’m looking forward to meeting and interacting with my team mates to share the science/stories behind MM as a disease and how we all impact each others lives.

My Story: I am a scientist who works in the lab designing and developing novel drugs to cure cancer. I did have played a role in developing Ninlaro during its discovery and development. Brother of a close friend of mine got diagnosed with MM and eventually passed away. Therefore, MM has impacted my personal and business life. Every sleepless night we spent in the lab and hard, is definitely making an impact in peoples lives. But, we are far from completing the task of curing cancer completely and saving patients. Every small step that each of us take, helps in a big way in this long and arduous task. Go Team!!!

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