Iceland Trek2019

Erik Ellefsen

Hometown: San Jose, CA

I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2008, which was followed by two rounds of VDT-PACE and two autologous stem cell transplants in 2009. In 2019, I started my fifth maintenance treatment plan as my battle against myeloma has been an ever-present part of my life.

I am anxiously excited to make this trip as it is an opportunity to celebrate and reflect on the past decade and how the battle against myeloma has radically altered my life. Likewise, a trek through Iceland is a reminder to me of the dual world of both beauty and desolation that remind me of what this battle against myeloma has been.

This trek through Iceland is both an honor as I get to make the journey with caregivers, doctors, and researchers as well as to raise money for the sort of treatments that have prolonged my life as we hope for a cure.

Make a donation today and join us in supporting and uplifting those who are directly affected by myeloma.