Everest Base Camp/Kalapathhar Trek2018

Pierre Jambon and Susie Locarnini Jambon

Name: Pierre Jambon and Susie Locarnini Jambon
Age: 59 & 58
Hometown: Akron, OH
Link: https://endurance.themmrf.org/2018EverestBaseCamp/ClimbonJambon

A favorite quote attributed to Winston Churchill is, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” These words should resonate with patients with multiple myeloma as they endure all this disease throws at them.

I became a multiple myeloma patient in June, 2017. Of course, it all started with not feeling too great; something about hemoglobin dipping under 5 g/dl, more than 90% lambda light-chain restricted plasma cells, and a high level of monoclonal protein. And what does all that mean? It means my caregiver (Susie) and I had a steep learning curve and a fight ahead of us.

This is where MMRF comes in. Its combination of patient education resources, and more importantly, its effectiveness in driving novel treatment therapies gave us the tools we need to continue. These tools, combined with world class frontline care at the Cleveland Clinic, have enabled us to fight back to normal hemoglobin levels, elimination of the pesky m-protein, and a confirmed complete remission! Success? There's more to come.

Again, enter MMRF. In their spare time they've managed to add inspiration to the toolkit in a program called Moving Mountains. Susie and I both grew up climbing the hills of San Francisco, and the mountains are literally in our blood. In addition, I have always been attracted by endurance challenges, marathons, etc. So, when the opportunity to choose our challenge - there'll be plenty not of our choosing - we seized it. Everest Base Camp here we come!

A note from Susie: My inspiration is my husband. Since we entered this multiple myeloma world a year ago, I have watched how he has handled his diagnosis and his year-long treatment the same way he deals with everything is his life: with grit and determination. He has gone from barely getting off the couch to training vigorously for this expedition. Raising money and getting back in shape has given my goal-oriented partner a new lease on life, putting that dreaded disease aside. His excitement is always contagious, and we will hike to Everest Base Camp with hope in our hearts.

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