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Elizabeth (Betsy) O’Donnell

Name: Elizabeth (Betsy) O’Donnell

Age: 41

Hometown: Concord, MA


My name is Betsy O’Donnell. I am a medical oncologist at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) where I specialize in the study and treatment of Multiple Myeloma. I see myeloma patients three days per week and the other two are devoted to research aimed at developing clinical trials for the development of new and improved therapies for multiple myeloma. Multiple myeloma is currently an incurable disease for the majority of patients. The goal of our research is to help patients live longer and better with the disease and ultimately to find a cure. It is because of the generosity of foundations such as the MMRF that we are able to push the boundaries of our current standards of care and knowledge.

In addition to my responsibilities in the Multiple Myeloma disease center, I am the Director of Lifestyle Medicine at MGH. The MGH Lifestyle Medicine Clinic provides personalized consultation for patients seeking to improve their physical fitness, nutrition, quality of life, and cancer outcomes.

Exercise and athletics have always been a passion of mine. I played four sports in high school and was All-American in lacrosse and All-Ivy in field hockey at Yale. Following college, I pursued triathlon as my full-time occupation for three years. I continue to stay very active and pursue athletics to the best of my ability. I love running but most of my time training is spent in the saddle commuting to work by bicycle 40 miles round trip per day. I am up for pretty much anything that involves being outdoors and moving my body!