Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania2017

James Brophy

Name: James Brophy

Age: 43

Hometown: Princeton, NJ


Reason for Climbing: My mother Linda got a raw deal. She lost her battle with multiple myeloma 5 years ago at the young age of 65. Since 2010, my family and I have been dedicated to raising funds and awareness on behalf of the MMRF.

I was moved by the story of the 2016 trek to Kilimanjaro. As a younger man, I traveled and studied in East Africa and have always dreamed of returning to this majestic place. When offered the chance to be part of this remarkable team, I jumped at the opportunity.

I am doing this for my mother, Linda.

I am doing this because I’m lucky enough to be able to.

I am doing this for multiple myeloma patients now and for patients in the future.

I am doing this because I believe in a cure. I believe in the mission of the MMRF and the progress that’s already been made.

I am doing this adventure for me. I want to challenge myself physically and mentally.

I am doing this for my wife and three sons. I want to set an example of giving back, dedicating oneself to a cause, and hard work.

I am doing this to travel to a land that inspired me as a young man and continues to inspire me.

As I was thinking about this journey that I am about to take, I was reminded of a song I grew up with"

Hail to you my mountain climber busy at your task

I know you're in a hurry but there's something I must ask

Do you ever get lonely climbing up so high

If you don't want to answer me I can understand why

If I told you a secret, would you want to know more

I've got a challenge I hope you won't ignore – Blues Traveler