Machu Picchu2016

Anne Mandeville-Long

Name: Anne Mandeville-Long
Age: 56
Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
Why I’m Climbing for the MM4MM Team: I am looking forward to a great adventure with a team of patients, doctors, nurses, and Takeda reps. Being part of this MM group and traveling to such a spiritual destination as Machu Picchu is part of my own healing in the aftermath of my sister's passing. I continue to look for ways to challenge myself to honor Lisa and raise the necessary funds for others to have the same opportunities. The MMRF is such a great organization. 90% of funds go to research. We love the team work and the physical challenge, and we love knowing that we are helping to find the cure.
My Story: (What is your connection to multiple myeloma? What would you like us to know about you?) 
When my sister, Lisa Cissel, discovered she had MM in 2010, I felt helpless. Our brother, Peter Robbins, heard about MMRF and suggested we run the NYC Marathon and raise some money. After NY, my brother Peter, my husband Robert and I went on to run the London and Chicago marathons and as a family have raised nearly $50k, while getting into the best shape of our lives. Although Lisa knew she wouldn't live to cheer us on in London, she praised our efforts for the sake of other myeloma patients. Lisa was a true adventurer, my big tomboy sister, and I know she'll be coming with Robert and me in spirit to face our next challenge of taking on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

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