Machu Picchu2016

Robert Long

Name: Robert Long
Age: 65
Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
Why I’m Climbing for the MM4MM Team: I am inspired by the sense of purpose that comes from being part of a MMRF endurance team. My wife Anne and I both have had profound life experiences through our three MMRF-supported marathons. Our upcoming MM4MM challenge to climb to Machu Picchu along the Inca Trail will combine a decades-long desire to visit that incredible location with our strong desire to make it a purposeful quest.
My Story: (What is your connection to multiple myeloma? What would you like us to know about you?)
My initial contact with multiple myeloma was through my sister-in-law, Lisa, who ultimately died four years ago from the affliction. Since then, my dear high school classmate Lynn and my professional colleague Bob have both been afflicted.

I was standing on the corner of 1st Avenue and 89th Street in NYC in 2011 with the MMRF Cheer Group, watching for my wife Anne to pass by as she ran her first marathon. She came toward us with her arms raised and a huge smile on her face. It was at that point, at 61 years old, that I decided that I needed to do something and not just watch. Since then, Anne and I have run 3 marathons in support of the MMRF. The opportunity to join the MM4MM team fits perfectly with our goals to continue our support for the MMRF and our memory of Lisa Cissel, to continue to improve our physical conditions, and to participate in challenging endurance events WITH A PURPOSE. I am so encouraged by the recent developments in medicines and treatments that have the potential to improve and extend their lives.

I want to do what I can to help to raise funds and to raise consciousness in support of finding a cure. This next adventure is going to be terrific, and it WILL make a difference.

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