Mt. Washington2019

Maria Chaudhry

Why am I participating in this event? I am a cancer doctor, bone marrow transplanter and researcher. I firmly believe in is cause. I love mountains and through this event I get the opportunity to combine my passions and raise awareness and funds for a noble cause.

I will be participating in the Moving Mountains for Multiple Myeloma program in June 2019 by climbing Mount Washington.

Multiple myeloma is the second most common form of blood cancer and, sadly, remains incurable. The goal of research is to find a cure and we will not stop until we reach our goal. While I am getting ready for the challenge in June 2019, I have a lot of work ahead of me. I will climb over 4,000 feet in elevation to reach the summit and raise at least $2,500 for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF).

What is the MMRF? This organization is the world's leading private funder of myeloma research. The Food and Drug Administration has approved 10 new treatments in the past few years – a track record that's unparalleled in the world of oncology. These drugs have significantly improved quality and survival of patients with myeloma. And now the MMRF is funding over 20 additional treatments in various stages of development, giving hope to tens of thousands of patients and their families.

I’m honored to be a part of this medical and academic community working towards a cancer-free world.

Make a donation today and join us in supporting and uplifting those who are directly affected by myeloma.