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This epic 4-day trekking adventure takes you through a truly spectacular part of Sweden, hiking the Scandinavian mountain range, or the “Scandes." We will stay in picturesque mountain huts, boat in and out of our destinations and summit the breath-taking Skierfe cliff, certainly this will be an endeavor of such magnitude that your memories will stay with you forever. Here the peaks are higher and the valleys steeper, with summits more than 6,500 feet and over one hundred glaciers.

This area is home to the native Sami people, an indigenous group of northern Scandinavia. We will encounter off-grid Sami settlements, and most likely meet herds of reindeer, which belong to the Sami people. These formerly nomadic people view the reindeer as a sacred animal, vital for their survival and way of life. Many Sami people, to this day, fight to keep their old traditions and ways of life and cultural guiding will be part of our tour.

The trail we follow is part of the famous King's Trail, a 275 mile trail that stretches through the northern part of the Swedish mountain range, from Abisko in the north to Hemavan in the south. Our hike takes us along a small but very beautiful section of the trail along the border of one of Sweden's most famous national parks - Sarek National Park- often called “Europe's last wilderness." In Sarek there are no marked trails, no signs, and only a few bridges. It is the real deal.

Experience the true meaning of remote wilderness as you pack your belongings into our cozy back country cabins. This being far from any established 'civilization' we will each play a role in our daily routine, involving light meal preparation, fetching water or cutting wood for our wood stoves. Your time with your team in these remote shelters will leave you feeling complete and accomplished!

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