Welcome to CURE's Annual Cancer Guide

Welcom to CURE's Annual Cancer Guide 

Reliable and useful information is invaluable following a diagnosis of cancer and at the many decision points that follow. This knowledge helps both patients and caregivers, arming them with confidence and ensuring that their individual goals and values are part of the equation. Together with the American Cancer Society (ACS), we present CURE’s Seventh Annual Cancer Guide for the Newly Diagnosed—a road map to resources that makes cancer understandable and helps formulate a course that best suits each situation.

This year’s guide once again offers references and perspectives for the best of what the science and art of oncology has to offer. We’ve again tapped an important source—cancer survivors. They share their wisdom throughout this guide. An easy-to-understand glossary from the ACS is included, as well—giving patients and caregivers the inside track on medical jargon that inevitably surfaces during doctor visits. We have also added chapters about balancing cancer and work, staying active during treatment, preparing for long-term and late effects, and developing a survivorship care plan.

Our unparalleled team of writers, illustrators and editors at CURE magazine, along with our collaborators at the ACS are once again proud to provide this guide. We trust that the references and guidance to available resources will address the concerns, sentiments and hopes of patients and caregivers as they chart a path to wellness and healing.

Debu Tripathy, MD

Editor-in-Chief, CURE magazine 

Professor of Medicine, University of Southern California

Co-Leader, Women’s Cancer Program at the USC/Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center


Hearing the words “you have cancer” can be overwhelming. Following a diagnosis, the patient and the family face an array of emotions, concerns and questions. Those questions may range from understanding how a diagnosis is made and what it means, to how to talk to loved ones about the disease.

This is a time when there is great need for high-quality, reliable information. Thanks to the Internet, family and friends, and other sources, patients and caregivers will likely have access to an abundance of information. Unfortunately, much of it lacks credibility and can be misleading.

A well-informed patient has the ability to increase his or her chances of high-quality treatment. Numerous studies support the premise that a knowledgeable patient receives better treatment and is better able to stick to therapy, resulting in better outcomes.

The American Cancer Society and CURE magazine have teamed up to produce a cancer guide that provides quick and concise answers to frequently asked questions. The guide also includes references to credible sources for more in-depth information to help you make informed decisions on the cancer journey. We recommend that all newly diagnosed patients and their families review this guide and use it as a source of information to expand discussions with their cancer care team.

In addition, patients and their families can find the information, help and support they need throughout a cancer experience by calling the American Cancer Society 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 800-227-2345 or by visiting us online at cancer.org. We want to help patients get well and stay well.   

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