Everest Base Camp/Kalapathhar Trek2018


On October 26, 2018, 16 hikers, including three patients, will embark on the trip of a lifetime: A trek to Everest Base Camp. The team will hike the Himalayan highlands (home of 16 of 20 of the world's tallest mountains), winding their way through small Nepalese villages on their way to "EBC" (18,300' ft elevation).

This challenging and awe-inspiring nine-day trek (12 days including travel) will take our climbers on a strenuous, but friendly, journey through Nepal's magical Khumbu region, allowing for close-up views of dozens of Himalayan Giants without the dangers of a technical summit. Hikers will cross several dramatic suspension bridges and at night will sleep in primitive Nepalese teahouses. The team will ease into the Sherpa culture, assisted by friendly herds of yaks that will carry much of the team's gear.

The experience of taking on such an incredible challenge united by a shared passion to find a cure for myeloma will make for a profound experience.


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MM4MM Everest Base Camp/Kalapathhar Trek

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