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Kidney Cancer


What to Know After Receiving a Kidney Cancer Diagnosis: ‘Seek Speciality Care,’ Expert Says
In a recent interview with Cancer Horizons®, the medical liaison for KidneyCAN, discussed the basics of kidney cancer and what she thinks patients should know.
Understanding The Basics of VHL-Related Kidney Cancer
An expert explains the basics of von Hippel-Lindau—related kidney cancer, and how a new drug for the disease is shaping the way patients are treated.
Addressing Health Concerns, Increasing Exercise Can Help Patients Prepare for Kidney Cancer Surgery
Preparing for kidney cancer surgery encapsulates a full-body approach, which can help improve outcomes after the procedure.
Expert Breaks Down Immunotherapy Options in Kidney Cancer
In recent years, immunotherapy’s usage has expanded for the treatment of patients with kidney cancer.
Fotivda Now Recommended for Patients With Pretreated Kidney Cancer
The National Comprehensive Cancer Network updated its guidelines to recommend Fotivda for patients with pretreated renal cell carcinoma, a type of kidney cancer.
More Research Efforts Needed to Ensure Kidney Cancer Treatments ‘Get Smarter’ to Limit Side Effects, Expert Says
An expert discusses the side effects patients with kidney cancer may experience from immunotherapy and tyrosine kinase inhibitor treatment, and how more research is needed in to ensure patients experience less side effects.
How a Standardized Staging System Helps Patients, Providers Choose Best Kidney Cancer Treatment Options
By understanding what a TNM staging score is, patients and clinicians can determine the best line of treatment for their kidney cancer, as well as what the survivorship care plan should be.
First-Line Treatment Options for Metastatic Clear Cell RCC
An overview of first-line treatment options for metastatic clear cell renal cell carcinoma.
Patient Education Resources for RCC
Bryan Lewis, president of KidneyCAN, explains how his organization supports the renal cell carcinoma community and where patients can find curated educational resources.
Receiving a Diagnosis of Metastatic RCC: A Patient’s Journey
Patient Meryl Uranga describes how she was diagnosed with metastatic clear cell renal cell carcinoma and the initial treatments she received.
Overview of Clear Cell RCC
Chung-Han Lee, M.D., provides background on clear cell renal cell carcinoma, including common symptoms and risk factors.
Stage 4 Kidney Cancer
The current treatment method for stage 4 kidney cancer is surgical intervention, if possible, embolization and radiation treatment. I say “if possible” because surgery
A Genetic Cause for Kidney Cancer
Doctors uncover new target for treating the majority of kidney cancers Kathryn E. Vinson, MS, CCRC In past discussions, we have talked a lot about