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Prostate Cancer Awareness
Receiving a diagnosis of prostate cancer can be frightening and confusing. Understanding the details of your specific cancer and how they relate to your prognosis and treatment planning is an important first step toward shared decision-making between you and your physicians. In these CURE Connections programs you will learn the meaning of the PSA test, prostate cancer staging and grading, and how these factors are used to determine which treatment approach is right for you. Management of prostate cancer related symptoms, available treatments, and how to deal with side effects are also discussed. In addition, you will hear from patients and caregivers about their personal experiences with prostate cancer.
Less May Be More in Prostate Cancer Treatment
BY Ariela Katz
A clinical trial will test whether partial prostate ablation matches radical prostatectomy in effectiveness — with fewer early side effects.
PSA Screening Rates Are No Longer Dropping
BY Ariela Katz
After a drop, the frequency of PSA screening for prostate cancer has stabilized.
Active Surveillance Is Best Bet for Low-Risk Prostate Cancer
BY Ariela Katz
Study: To prolong survival in early-stage prostate cancer that is low-risk, observe instead of operating.
Can an Ovarian Cancer Drug Work in Prostate Cancer?
BY Ariela Katz
A targeted drug for women with ovarian cancer may also benefit men with prostate cancer who have similar genetic mutations. A phase 3 trial is designed to find out.
FDA Approves Jevtana for Prostate Cancer Subset
BY Jason Harris
Jevtana (cabazitaxel) was granted approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of men with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer who previously received a docetaxel-containing regimen.
Better Calculating the Aggressiveness of Prostate Cancer
BY Erik Ness
Scientists are looking for more and better ways to identify the prostate cancers that are most likely to become aggressive.
Exploring the Link Between Stroke and Cancer
BY Mindy Waizer
Stroke survivors were diagnosed with cancer at almost double the rate of incidence in the general population, one study showed.
Jim Kelly's Cancer Journey: Trophies, Tragedies and Triumphs
BY Mathew Shanley
Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly met with CURE to talk about his cancer experience.
Study Closes the Debate on Vasectomy- Prostate Cancer Link
BY Brielle Urciuoli
For years, people believed that there was a link between vasectomies and prostate cancer.
Expert Weighs In: Active Surveillance in Prostate Cancer
BY Gina Columbus
When it comes to active surveillance and prostate-specific antigen (PSA) screening for localized prostate cancer, the paradigm has been shifting and the debate over which is correct has been raging on in recent years, says Andrew Stephenson, M.D.
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