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Prostate Cancer Symptoms Can Be Managed Years After Treatment

January 31st 2023

An expert on urological side effects of cancer treatments most often associated with prostate cancer discusses options, even for those decades past initial treatment.

Phase 3 Trial in Prostate Cancer Subset Discontinued Due to Lack of Survival Benefit

January 26th 2023

A data monitoring committee recommended to stop the phase 3 trial in metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer due to a lack of progression-free survival and overall survival with combination therapy.

Finding Our Purpose After Cancer

January 25th 2023

Here are four ways I found purpose in my life after being diagnosed with cancer.

Tennis Player Chris Everet Is Cancer-Free, Duran Duran Guitarist Discusses His Disease and More

January 20th 2023

From Tennis star Chris Evert’s cancer-free status to Duran Duran’s Andy Taylor talking about his prostate cancer, here’s what’s happening in the oncology space this week.

MRI-Based Treatment May Decrease Prostate Cancer Side Effects

January 17th 2023

Compared with CT based radiotherapy, MRI-guided treatment resulted in fewer side effects for patients with prostate cancer.

Body Composition May Offer ‘Clues’ to Prostate Cancer Survival

January 12th 2023

Poor body composition was associated with increased risk of death in men with localized prostate cancer, according to recent study findings.

Retired Social Worker Goes Against Doctors’ Orders and Finds Personal Advocacy Through Prostate Cancer

January 12th 2023

A retired psychotherapist and social worker published a memoir detailing his experiences with disease and navigating the health care space, as well as “all the things that people think about (but) they don't necessarily talk about or even talk to their doctors about.”

Erleada May Slow Prostate Cancer Progression During Active Surveillance

January 11th 2023

More than half of patients with low- or intermediate-risk prostate cancer who underwent treatment with Erleada had no evidence of residual disease after 90 days, a recent study showed.

Youth Taught Me a Lot About My Cancer

January 10th 2023

When I was asked to speak to a youth service club about my cancer, they asked some meaningful questions, making me take stock of my experience.

Easy-to-Swallow Drug Shows Similar Results to Zytiga in Patients With Metastatic Prostate Cancer

January 9th 2023

TAVT-45, a drug that can be mixed with juice or water, showed similar efficacy in treating metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer as Zytiga.

‘Inflation’ Can Have Dire Consequences for Patients With Cancer

December 29th 2022

From high prices in the supermarket to rising PSA levels, inflation can affect patients with cancer on more than one level.

Getting Back on the Surfboard After Prostate Cancer

December 27th 2022

From prostate cancer to disease spread in the brain, one patient learned how to recognize how far he has come since his journey began.

Tina Turner’s Son Dies of Cancer, NFL Team Honors Group’s $5.6 Million Fundraising Effort and More

December 16th 2022

From Tina Turner’s son, Ronnie, dying of cancer to the Miami Dolphins honoring a group of people who raised over $5 million for oncology care and research, here is what’s happening in the cancer space this week.

Pre-Treatment Obesity May Increase Risk for Death in Men With Prostate Cancer

December 16th 2022

Men with obesity before starting prostate cancer treatment may have an increased risk for death from heart disease or any cause rather than from prostate cancer itself, study results showed.

While Internet Searches May Provide Information, Patient-Provider Communication Gives Perspective in Prostate Cancer

December 6th 2022

Although researchers analyzed internet searches of men with prostate cancer, patient-provider communication is still key for education, according to one of the study authors.

Metastasis-Directed Therapies May Lead to a Delay in Disease Progression for Some Patients With Prostate Cancer

November 28th 2022

A new study may provide hope that future treatments can delay androgen-deprivation therapy and prolong survival in patients with oligometastatic prostate cancer.

With Cancer, Small Gestures Count the Most

November 18th 2022

When my wife surprised me with a prostate cancer awareness T-shirt, I realized that those small gestures matter the most.

‘Duran Duran’ Guitarist Misses Hall of Fame Induction Due to Cancer, ‘Yellowstone’ Actor Discusses His Diagnosis and More

November 11th 2022

From the singer of “Duran Duran” revealing his stage 4 cancer diagnosis — and missing the band’s induction to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame because of it — to Barry Corbin’s oral cancer fears, here’s what’s happening in the oncology space this week.

My Prostate Cancer Journey: Newbie to Advocate

November 8th 2022

Now that I consider myself as a prostate cancer veteran, I find joy in offering support to others who have fears about their disease and death.

Study Assessing Safety, Efficacy of Experimental Treatment in Metastatic Prostate Cancer Adds Additional Trial Sites

October 27th 2022

The study investigators will review the efficacy of [Lu-177]-PNT2002, a radioligand treatment, compared with Zytiga or Xtandi in patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer.

Cancer Was a Rallying Cry for My Family

October 26th 2022

I knew my family was close, but it wasn’t until my mom was diagnosed that I realized how bonded we truly were.

Advances in Cancer Imaging Lead to Earlier Treatment

October 23rd 2022

The Past 20 Years Have Been Revolutionary for Kidney Cancer

October 19th 2022

Once seen as a malignancy resistant to typical treatments such as chemotherapy, metastatic kidney cancer has come a long way in the past 20 years.

Cancer Led Me to Health Advocacy, from PSA Screenings to COVID-19 Vaccinations

October 19th 2022

As a survivor, I always urged people to get cancer screenings, and now I’ve found myself advocating for the COVID-19 booster shots, too.

HIIT Workouts May Better Reduce Stress and Anxiety in Certain Patients With Prostate Cancer

October 18th 2022

A patient with prostate cancer under active surveillance may encounter the fear that their cancer might progress, causing stress and anxiety. However, HIIT workouts may help put them at ease.

Cancer Survivor Turns Passion for Winemaking Into Fundraising for the Disease

October 17th 2022

After a metastatic prostate cancer diagnosis, Robert Hollander decided to bring together his love of wine and his journey with cancer to create a foundation to support the research field.

To Test or Not to Test for PSA Levels, The Question Remains in Prostate Cancer

October 13th 2022

As PSA testing recommendations change and the debate surrounding testing continues, people with a high-risk of prostate cancer and their families need to stay informed.

Oncologists Can Now Better Detect and Treat Oligometastatic Prostate Cancer, Leading to Improved Survival

October 11th 2022

“I believe the key for many is to turn prostate cancer from a lethal disease to a chronic disease. That’s what we’re trying to do,” says an expert at the University of California, San Francisco.

I Plan to Beat Cancer by ‘Hoofing’ It

October 7th 2022

Walking has played a key role in my cancer experience, as it helps my mental and physical health.

Talzenna-Xtandi Combination Improves Time to Disease Progression in Metastatic Prostate Cancer

October 7th 2022

Talzenna Plus Xtandi lengthened time to progression in men with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer.