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Padcev Plus Keytruda May Improve Survival Outcomes in Advanced Bladder Cancer

September 26th 2023

Padcev plus Keytruda may improve survival outcomes for some patients with advanced urothelial cancer, according to preliminary data.

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Janssen Seeks Approval for Balversa to Patients With Bladder Cancer

August 31st 2023

Surgery or Radiotherapy May Confer Similar Survival Rates in Bladder Cancer Subtype
Surgery or Radiotherapy May Confer Similar Survival Rates in Bladder Cancer Subtype

August 22nd 2023

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‘The Fantasticks’ Writer Dies from Cancer, YouTube Removes False Cancer Claims and More

August 18th 2023

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UGN-102, a Direct-to-Bladder Therapy, Improves Bladder Cancer Outcomes

August 2nd 2023

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