Multidisciplinary Approach Vital in Bladder Cancer
BY Danielle Bucco
Quality of care for patients being treated for urothelial carcinoma could be improved by having a multidisciplinary team treat the patient, says Robert Jones, M.D.
The Basics Behind Bladder Cancer Treatment Gains
BY Angelica Welch
“It is not so much that the biology is changing; it’s that our knowledge of the biology is improving,” said Brant Inman, M.D.
Bladder Cancer Treatment Options Continue to Expand
BY Gina Columbus
After years with few advancements, five new agents were approved to treat bladder cancer within the last year. CURE spoke with Terence Friedlander, M.D. about the shifting treatment paradigm for patients with the disease.
Expert Gives Updates on Kidney and Bladder Cancer
BY Gina Columbus

Sumanta Kumar Pal, M.D., associate professor, Department of Medical Oncology, City of Hope, covered the scope of exciting genitourinary cancer data presented at the 2017 ESMO Congress, with a sharp focus on the CABOSUN and CheckMate-214 trials.
Check, Please! Checkpoint Inhibitors Show Promise in Bladder Cancer
BY Arlene Weintraub
Immunotherapies known as checkpoint inhibitors are so promising in bladder cancer that many patients want them as first treatments — before they’ve been proven in that setting.
Keytruda Bests Chemotherapy in Overall Survival Rates for Bladder Cancer
BY Virginia Powers, Ph.D.
Keytruda (pembrolizumab) produced better overall survival (OS) rates than chemotherapy for patients with recurrent, advanced urothelial carcinoma.
Expert Discusses New Bladder Cancer Treatment Guidelines
BY Danielle Bucco
Jonathan E. Rosenberg, M.D., discusses the implications of the new treatment guidelines for muscle-invasive bladder cancer.
The Importance of a Multidisciplinary Team in Building Bladder Cancer Guidelines
BY Jeffrey Holzbeierlein, M.D.
Jeffrey Holzbeierlein, M.D., University of Kansas Medical Center, discusses how important it was that a multidisciplinary team came together to create the non-metastatic muscle-invasive bladder cancer guidelines.
Dr. Rosenberg on Non-Metastatic Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer Guidelines
BY Johnathan E. Rosenberg, M.D.
Jonathan E. Rosenberg, M.D., medical oncologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, discusses the new treatment guidelines for patients with non-metastatic muscle invasive bladder cancer.
Diane Zipursky Quale on Shared Decision Making for Bladder Cancer
BY Diane Zipursky Quale
Diane Zipursky Quale, co-founder of the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network, discusses the importance of patients discussing their treatment options with their physician before undergoing surgery.
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