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CURE’s bladder cancer page is a go-to resource for oncology news and updates in the world of bladder cancer. Here, readers will find cancer articles, videos, podcasts, and more with expert insight into the latest treatments and research in bladder cancer.

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Image of a skeleton with the bladder highlighted in red.
Trodelvy-Keytruda Combo Shows High Promise in Metastatic Bladder Cancer

February 27th 2024

A phase 2 trial showed that Trodelvy plus Keytruda had a high response rate with lasting responses, emphasizing “potential additive or synergistic effects,” an expert said.

AN image of a bladder on top of an x-ray. A novel treatment may offer promising benefits to patients with non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer.
Novel Drug Boosts Responses to BCG Bladder Cancer Treatment

February 12th 2024

4-Drug Regimen Preferred for Presurgical Bladder Cancer, But Drug Shortage Ensues

February 8th 2024

hand with chemothearpy IV drop
A Cancer Lesson Learned from a Friend’s Death

February 4th 2024

"FDA Approval: What You Need to Know" on a green background
Balversa Fills a ‘Critical Need’ for Metastatic Bladder Cancer

February 2nd 2024

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