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CURE’s bladder cancer page is a go-to resource for oncology news and updates in the world of bladder cancer. Here, readers will find cancer articles, videos, podcasts, and more with expert insight into the latest treatments and research in bladder cancer.

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Image of a patient holding hands with a loved one.
Cancer Therapy at End of Life May Not Boost Survival

June 17th 2024

Patricia Gilleland, who received a diagnosis of bladder cancer in April 2022, is a patient of Dr. Bamidele Adesunloye at City of Hope Atlanta.  Photo provided by Gilleland
Evolution and Revolution in Bladder Cancer Treatment

June 10th 2024

Image of a doctor with an illustration of a bladder.
Padcev Plus Keytruda Doesn’t Worsen Quality of Life in Bladder Cancer

June 7th 2024

Image of bladder cancer.
Padcev Improves Outcomes for Cisplatin-Ineligible Bladder Cancer

June 6th 2024

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