Cancer Guide

A cancer diagnosis can transform a person's life in an instant. During this time of shock and disbelief, important treatment decisions must be made. The guide below provides an organized framework for understanding how cancers are diagnosed and staged, as well as how to cope with new emotions that arise following a cancer diagnosis.
American Cancer Society


Getting Started
Cancer Guide: Getting Started
Understanding cancer means knowing it’s more than one disease.
At Diagnosis
Cancer Guide: At Diagnosis
A cancer diagnosis comes with new challenges, from balancing work and cancer to understanding pathology and staging.
During Treatment
Cancer Guide: During Treatment
Learn about coping with side effects, proper nutrition and staying active.
After Treatment
Cancer Guide: After Treatment
Once treatment is complete, special care needs to be taken to avoid the fear of recurrence and a survivorship care plan should be developed.
Cancer Guide: Caregiving
Notes on navigating the challenging territory of caregiving and tips on practicing self-care.
Cancer Guide: Resources
A list of helpful resources to assist people with cancer and their families cope with the emotional and practical aspects of the disease.

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